City hiking at the Cascade Springs Nature Preserve

Over the weekend, I went on a little hike.  One of my closest friends has been going on hikes on almost a weekly basis for a while now, and it’s piqued my interest in wanting to do some hiking on my own, despite the drastic difference in quality of hiking trails between Georgia and Virginia.

After doing a little bit of searching, and finding a few comprehensive lists of hikes in the remote Atlanta/North Georgia region, I found a trail oddly-located within the city limits that seemed like a good idea to try, that wouldn’t eat up my entire day driving to get there, and keep my afternoon free for things I needed to do.

The Cascade Springs Nature Preserve is located almost in the middle of the city, leaning towards the Southwestern region of the Perimeter.  Typically, the words “Southwest Atlanta” is synonymous with crime and shootings on almost a daily basis, but it turns out that this chunk of land sits a little bit further out from those sketchy neighborhoods, and is apparently protected greenspace that continues to exist as this juxtaposed oasis of nature surrounded by sprawl.

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