Jobbers of Cosplay

job•ber.  n. – performer whose sole purpose is to lose with the express purpose of making their competitors look superior.  See professional wrestling terminology.

Despite the fact that jobbers are undoubtedly important in the world of wrestling, as well as all other applications in which jobbers can be utilized, the bottom line is that nobody really wants to be a jobber.  Sure, jobbers are still granted exposure, experience, and in many cases actually still paid, but when the day is done, they’re portrayed as losers.  Especially at younger ages, nobody wants to be losers.

I watch Heroes of Cosplay.  This shouldn’t be much of a surprise given the fact that I still go to occasional conventions, and take hundreds of pictures of people in costumes.  I also know most of the Atlanta cast, but that doesn’t influence my opinions of the show or how I feel about the things they say on television, or the things that are depicted as realities that I might question.  Also, it’s not like any of them probably actually visit my brog unless there’s a chance that I might have a picture(s) of them.

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