Why do avocados other than Hass exist?

I like to think that I make a pretty decent guacamole.  I’ve received pretty positive feedback from those people who have indulged in the guac that I’ve made in the past, and I’m typically pleased with it myself when I make small batches for the house.

Over the holiday weekend, I volunteered to bring some tortilla chips and some of my homemade guacamole to a party I went to.  Prior to the date, I went to the store to purchase ingredients for the dip, and was disappointed when I got to the produce section, and found out that every single Hass avocado available was not yet ripe.  I know there are ways and methods to accelerate the ripening process of Hass avocados, but even those typically take a day, and at the hardness of these particular avocados, probably two.  I did not have two days.

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