It’s good to know who to blame when these are all over MARTA

Introducing JAMBANZ.  50% slap bracelet, 50% Bluetooth speaker.  100% bullshit.  Made in Atlanta.

Dad here kind of misses the point of earbuds and headphones.  They exist so that people can privately listen to their music without disturbing other people.  And under the guise of safety and awareness, he basically creates something completely counterproductive to the idea of private audio enjoyment.

All the time, we hear about how bicycles are vehicles too, and they have the same rights to the road as people in cars do.  Well for people in cars, it’s technically illegal to have earbuds on while driving, so why shouldn’t the same apply to those riding bicycles, regardless of their age?  If Dad doesn’t want his daughter or her friend getting run over, perhaps they shouldn’t be wearing earbuds while riding their bicycles in the first place.

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Photos: Yankee Stadium, the Bronx, New York

[2020 note]: the following is lost content that I never uploaded even back in 2014 when the brog was still up and running; that’s how much of a whirlwind things were between Dragon*Con and juggling between the ballpark site and other content.

Anyway, this is the photo dump of Yankee Stadium, that I realized never got uploaded whilst I was going through all old content, and looking back at these pictures takes me back to a time where I still really loved baseball, and this was one of those weekends of fate in which I got to score some bonus time with the girl that would eventually become mythical gf, wife and then babymama.

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Still seeking my unicorn

Although I never tire of seeing Jinx costumers, I’m still awaiting the day I come across an outstanding Mafia Jinx.  Or as I like to call her, Flapper Jinx, as indicative of the flapper style dress she wears.  Jinx is undoubtedly my favorite League of Legends champion, but I pretty much only play as her in the Mafia skin.

An awesome Mafia Jinx costume, is my unicorn.

I’m a fan of 20’s fashion in general, from zoot suits, wingtip shoes and of course flapper dresses, so when Jinx was released and had an alternate skin in a flapper dress, it was a no-brainer pickup, and I’m fairly certain I’ve never actually played as Jinx in her default skin under my main account.

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It’s nice to feel wanted

Despite the fact that I declare myself a terrible baseball fan, I still do keep somewhat of an ear to the ground when it comes to happenings in the game, and happenings with the Atlanta Braves.  And despite the fact that I’ve long separated myself from the site I used to write for, Talking Chop, I still visit every now and then, because in spite of the fact that their daily writing assignments have become somewhat robotic, as the guys running the site now are excellent analyzers of raw, cold facts, but don’t really have unique voices.  However, they have the ability to generate some opinions from their analysis of raw, cold facts that are still preferable over the talking heads of any other mainstream outlet.

Anyway, on a recent visit, I noticed that there was a topic of how the site was, yet again, changing hands in operational management.  Apparently, the day-to-day management of a website was difficult to juggle amidst daily analysis of numbers for the previous management, whom all apparently took steps back to go into purely writing roles, leaving the management side to a new girl, whom I actually find refreshing that she’s not a proverbial bean-counting stat-geek.

She inquired with the community on suggestions to what she could take into consideration for making the site better for the future.  Naturally, being the internet, there were sloughs of sarcastic rebuttals and everyone trying their hardest to be an e-comedian that I had to trudge through, but every now and then there were constructive suggestions and requests that people made that could and probably should be taken into consideration.

But then there was one remark in particular that caught my eye.

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The epitome of “not mad, just disappointed”

Long story short: The Atlanta Braves break ground on their new ballpark, slated to open in 2017.  It’s new name?  SunTrust Park.

I love the Braves.  I hate SunTrust.

What I’m dealing with here is a perfect conflict of interests.  A catch-22, if you will.

A little backstory: I used to work for SunTrust corporate.  Making signage, assets, collateral materials; all sorts of marketing materials that the company used at their over 3,000 branches across the eastern seaboard.  It wasn’t a glamorous job, but it was for a reputable brand, paid decently, and I worked with some decent people.  After about three years, the company decided that in-house designers were unnecessary, and is so often the case, felt that they would rather pay external companies way more money for the same services, but minus the obligation to pay for benefits.  So they outsourced myself, eight other designers, two copywriters, an editor, among 1,100 other employees throughout the entire company in 2007.

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D*C 2014: In conclusion

Before I pull the plug on all of the Dragon*Con-related subject matter for the next eleven months or so, I just wanted to write a little something as a finishing touch to all of the content I’ve tried to squeeze out of the annual occurrence.  How about my ability to take the topic of D*C, and turning it into nearly two full weeks worth of content?

As I said in my first post about the convention, this year’s D*C wasn’t the best ever, but it was far from the worst.  I can’t say that I go into any D*C with any grandiose expectations, because that’s really just not my nature; building up too large of expectations, or any at all, seems kind of like a recipe for disappointment, and I’d rather not have any of those, if it could be helped.

That being said, this year wasn’t much different than any of the past few years in the sense of it’s primarily me walking around in circles, looking for people to take pictures of, and taking pictures when I see things I want to take pictures of.  Along the way, there are occasional friendly faces, and we stop and chat, hang out, or spend some time together, before the cycle repeats itself until the sun goes down, and then I drink a lot of beer, and sometimes drink too much.

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D*C 2014: Playing photo favoritism

Despite the fact that I’m overall less-than satisfied with the quality of the pictures I took throughout the Dragon*Con weekend, this doesn’t change the fact that all over the convention throughout the entire weekend, there was a lot of great costumes out there. That being said, of all the pictures I took throughout the entire event, I’d like to shed a little bit of light on some of my favorites.

Kayle, from League of Legends. Yeah, no surprise that I go with a LoL one off the bat. Unmasked Kayle, to be specific.

I’ve actually run into this particular costumer a few times now, like at the previous D*C, and once in MegaCon in Florida, but it doesn’t change the fact that whenever I see this costume, I’m kind of a little awestruck.

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