D*C 2014: The dryhumpers

Okay, I wanted to address this, before someone sees this picture in the eventual gallery and thinks “wtf, danny’s a fucking voyeur perv.”

Naturally, there’s a story behind it.

It’s no secret that lots of conventions, and not just Dragon*Con, are full of sexually frustrated boys and girls, hoping to get their rocks off at some point during the weekend.  After all, conventions are kind of the perfect setting; what with being away from home, a mutual meeting place for those who have been courting one another be it in person or over the internet, or those simply hoping to spontaneously meet and engage in a quick fling.  And in the case of D*C, there’s probably no other convention with as much alcohol flowing throughout the concourses and hallways, and with alcohol often times comes questionable decisions.

Like dryhumping in public.

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