D*C 2014: Seems legit not

Picture progress notice: Picture processing is complete.  Rest of the weekend will be spent uploading them, and throughout next week, I will begin posting galleries.

A long time ago at a previous employer, I had a co-worker that told me the number one culprit on how to identify a fake Louis Vuitton item.  I’m not entirely sure how or why it stuck with me, but for whatever reason, it did.

Long story short, the apparent rule of the Louis Vuitton brand is that nowhere on any piece of Louis Vuitton merchandise, is the “LV” logo mark is NEVER cut off.  It cannot be cut off by an edge, a seam, or any sort of fold.  The LV logomark is 100% intact on 100% of the entire item, or else it’s probably counterfeit.

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