Photos: Yankee Stadium, the Bronx, New York

[2020 note]: the following is lost content that I never uploaded even back in 2014 when the brog was still up and running; that’s how much of a whirlwind things were between Dragon*Con and juggling between the ballpark site and other content.

Anyway, this is the photo dump of Yankee Stadium, that I realized never got uploaded whilst I was going through all old content, and looking back at these pictures takes me back to a time where I still really loved baseball, and this was one of those weekends of fate in which I got to score some bonus time with the girl that would eventually become mythical gf, wife and then babymama.

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Still seeking my unicorn

Although I never tire of seeing Jinx costumers, I’m still awaiting the day I come across an outstanding Mafia Jinx.  Or as I like to call her, Flapper Jinx, as indicative of the flapper style dress she wears.  Jinx is undoubtedly my favorite League of Legends champion, but I pretty much only play as her in the Mafia skin.

An awesome Mafia Jinx costume, is my unicorn.

I’m a fan of 20’s fashion in general, from zoot suits, wingtip shoes and of course flapper dresses, so when Jinx was released and had an alternate skin in a flapper dress, it was a no-brainer pickup, and I’m fairly certain I’ve never actually played as Jinx in her default skin under my main account.

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