It’s good to know who to blame when these are all over MARTA

Introducing JAMBANZ.  50% slap bracelet, 50% Bluetooth speaker.  100% bullshit.  Made in Atlanta.

Dad here kind of misses the point of earbuds and headphones.  They exist so that people can privately listen to their music without disturbing other people.  And under the guise of safety and awareness, he basically creates something completely counterproductive to the idea of private audio enjoyment.

All the time, we hear about how bicycles are vehicles too, and they have the same rights to the road as people in cars do.  Well for people in cars, it’s technically illegal to have earbuds on while driving, so why shouldn’t the same apply to those riding bicycles, regardless of their age?  If Dad doesn’t want his daughter or her friend getting run over, perhaps they shouldn’t be wearing earbuds while riding their bicycles in the first place.

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