Too bad I’m quite fond of my iPad

Because this is where I’d say that if I read another book with what becomes an obvious Mary Sue, I’d throw it out the window.

The definition of a Mary Sue is oft-debated and up to the reader’s interpretation, but for the most part, I personally see Mary Sues as characters in stories that are interpretations of female authors themselves, but melded into these idealistic forms that core characters of the story ultimately fall for.

Over the span of the last year, I’ve read far too many novels where one of the main characters are obviously Mary Sues.  I’m not entirely sure why this keeps happening to me, but I have a tendency to gravitate towards novels involving people with mental illness, are spiritually broken, or are simply socially distant from the rest of the world.  This type of blueprint appears to be the primary breeding ground of Mary Sue characters, because I simply cannot stop running into them.  It’s probably because I’m a romantic at heart, and I like the idea of people down on their luck stumbling across the chance romance, but it’s becoming apparent that the chance romantic interest stands a high probability of becoming a Mary Sue.

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