An heirloom, as far as I’m concerned

A friend of mine and I had a conversation about nightlights, and how a Jewish member of their household felt that one was unnecessary to acquire, in spite of the fact that they have two young children.  Ultimately, I’m in the camp that believes that nightlights aren’t just something to help kids cope with the fear of darkness through their formative years, but simple aids in the middle of the night to be able to see where one is going, regardless of age.

Somewhere in the conversation, I reminisced about the nightlight I had growing up, which was this little Bugs Bunny clip-on head.  All throughout my life, the nightlight was simply referred to as, translated from Korean would be “bunny light.”  As far as I was concerned, bunny light was the phrase that translated into “nightlight.”  I vaguely remember a time when the original light fixture died at one point, and I said that we needed to get another bunny light; fortunately, the Bugs head fit like a glove to that as well, and bunny light lived on.  During one of the several moves my family endured, the Bugs head went missing for a period of time, and regardless of its absence, the light itself was still referred to as bunny light, and went into the upstairs hallway sans Bugs head.

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