Out of sight, out of mind

So, what I had feared might have happened, did happen; with my site down for the indeterminate amount of time it’s been down, I’ve simply stopped writing.  Not only have I really stopped writing, I haven’t even given much thought about writing until I really sat down and started writing this.  As this post is entitled, out of sight, out of mind.

I do not want to get used to this.

However, I can’t necessarily say it’s a terrible thing that such has happened, as since the brog’s temporary offline status has taken effect, I’ve actually been pretty busy in my daily everyday life’s affairs, likely to the point of where anything that I would’ve posted, probably wouldn’t have been of much quality that appeases my personal standards in the first place.  I won’t really get into everything that’s happened since the period of time in which the brog was operational, but I will say that most all of it has been positive.

More than a lot of people that know me might expect.

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