Thanksgiving musings

The following is a spatter of random thoughts that have gone through my head throughout the course of the holiday. I may or may not attempt to chronologically sort them when I’m done, as I’m pecking this out on my busted iPad.

The above picture is my wailing niece. I wanted to have some sort of visual to accompany this post.

This trip is the first time that I’ve brought my own car into the Commonwealth of Virginia in quite some time. The last time I drove my own car on my old stomping grounds was when I still had my old Nissan and I still felt it had the legs to make the trips from Atlanta to NOVA. Part of it is refreshing and fun to drive my own car on old familiar roads, but another part is apathetic and piteous of the residents of Virginia, whom have apparently been beaten into submission of driving like sissies in fear of the overzealous ticketing and fine system in place here. Safety is one thing, but the legions of people camping the left, passing lanes, going the approximate speed limit are bigger hazards to other motorists than the occasional tryhard going 88 mph, I would hypothesize.

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This is our country

Embarrassing, isn’t it? Normally, I’ll feign ambivalence to the unfortunate news of the world, but given the fact that this story is literally, quite unavoidable, enough thoughts have swirled around in my head to where I felt like writing something.

I’ll keep it short (as I can), because it’s not like there’s going to be any shortage of opinions on this matter, and mine certainly isn’t going to make or break anyone’s line of thinking.

I’m not qualified to say on whether or not I feel that it’s good or bad that the officer in question has apparently gotten off the hook without any sort of punishment, because I simply have not paid any attention. However, I do think that it’s completely unfortunate that the response of such a decision from the predominantly black community of Ferguson, Missouri has been that of a massive eruption of violence, vandalism, looting and general destruction.

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When did Dragon Ball become so popular again?

There’s a tiny part of me that fears that inquiries like this will become more and more frequent throughout the rest of my life, which is going to make me come to the realization that it’s not so much the world behaving erratically, but that I’m clearly becoming old.

But seriously, chalk this up like my once inquisition of the rising popularity of Deadpool, but I have to ask, why is it that Dragon Ball has evidently become so popular again?

It really does kind of baffle me.  At least Deadpool’s rise in popularity can be somewhat chalked up to a talented writer really giving him a chance to shine, and fans responding extremely positively in regards to said re-development of his character.

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Nails in coffins

As if the Braves couldn’t do anything else to make me want to dislike them more, they had to go and designate for assignment (cut) pretty much my favorite pitcher in the world, Jonny Venters.

Now, I understand crystal clear the logic behind this decision, and if it were like Antonio Bastardo getting cut by the Phillies or Sergio Romo getting cut by the Giants, I wouldn’t have given two shits, but it happening to Jonny Venters, and I’m now a little emotional about it.

Venters was hurt.  And then got hurt again.  In the worst kind of way, tearing a ligament in his elbow, while he was already rehabilitating from a torn ligament in his elbow.  Long story short, he had to undergo the dreaded, career-altering Tommy John surgery for the third time, after he hadn’t yet fully recovered from Tommy John #2.  Very few pitchers come back from Tommy John surgery twice, and even fewer return from a third.  From the business sense, it’s obvious and logical to why the Braves had to release Jonny Venters, and once again, I say that if it were anyone other than Jonny Venters, I probably wouldn’t have cared.

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Consumer anxieties and Brack Friday

Piggybacking onto my recent butterfingers and the cracking of my iPad3’s screen, I’ve been lightly scouring the internet for any deals for a new iPad, preferably an iPad mini.  Just earlier in the week, I found a particularly appealing deal for an iPad mini 2, for $199 at Staples.  I missed out, because there are people out there way more fervent and evidently not asleep when the rest of America is, because by the time I caught wind of it at 8:45 a.m., Staples was pretty much wiped clean of all iPad mini 2s.

I was dejected by this, and surprisingly way more than I probably should have been.  It’s like the seed of getting a replacement iPad so quickly had sown a rather large batch of hope, only for it to be snuffed out just as quickly.

Sure, I’m still going to be keeping my eyes peeled as the Thanksgiving week encroaches upon us, for hopefully an iPad that doesn’t cost retail, or at least has some sort of kick back, but in reality, I know that I shouldn’t really be holding my breath.  I’m getting the impression that iPad minis, especially are going to be hot ticket items this Thanksgiving shopping season, and if I get my heart too set on getting one, I’m only setting myself up for disappointment.

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Still waiting on Frito Lay

Short story shorter: Truck carrying tens of thousands of pounds of ice cream overturns on Metro Atlanta highway.

I don’t really know why these stories amuse me so much, but add ice cream to the buffet of carnage that has occurred on Metro Atlanta highway intersections over the span of the last 12 months.

With turkeys, hams, eggs and beer already accounted for, and dessert now added to the list, I still contest that the roads are still awaiting a good accompanying food, like some chips or maybe a produce truck full of potatoes or something, and then we can call it a party.

That being said, not that I want to hear about people incurring serious injuries or anything, but I think I’m going to subconsciously be wishing that any Frito Lay or snack company’s trucks I see on the highways, meet some unfortunate conflicts with physics and gravity within the next month.

Derailing tradition, much to my dismay

Well, if I felt that my recent lack of angst and anxiety were reason for having difficulty finding things to write about, consider it my brog’s lucky day as both angst and anxiety have returned with but just a few mere phone calls with my family, to put me back in a state of mind where I want to vent to people around me, but don’t really want to burden anyone, so it turns into ultimately a great big vomiting of words onto whomever wishes to read them.

I won’t get into extensive detail, but I’ve made no secret about my parents getting divorced, and as much as I’d have hoped it would have been an amicable and clean separation, naturally it was and is not, and suddenly my plans over the Thanksgiving break that I had leisurely looked forward to have turned into a period of time in which I am basically dreading.

Why?  Because I’m going home for Thanksgiving.

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