Blogging will never die, as long as I can help it

Impetus: A well-known blogger decides to call it quits, Mashable deems such an appropriate occasion to write a requiem for the practice of blogging as a whole.

Much like billions of people don’t know who I am, or have ever visited my URL, I have no idea who Andrew Sullivan is, nor can I say that I’ve ever read the Daily Dish.  However, I do know that in spite of putting up quite a good fight for roughly about as long as I’ve been writing stuff and posting it to the internet under my own one-man operation, Andrew Sullivan is, like millions of would-be bloggers in front of him, another quitter.

Chalk the Daily Dish up as another blog that will have the plug pulled from it, to sit dormant and collect dust until the registration on the domain is eventually forgotten, un-renewed, and transforms into a link re-direct site by an entity with the wherewithal to try and capitalize on the negligent mistake URL search.

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Either the franchise is sputtering or I’m growing up

Impetus: There’s a new Resident Evil game being released in 2015, Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

And I just don’t care.  It even has Claire Redfield as the main protagonist of this game, as I’d been clamoring for over the last few installments of the game that have repeatedly had Chris, Jill, Leon and Ada in them.  Yet it changes nothing at all, and I’m just completely unenthused by the announcement that another chapter of RE is coming out.

This means that the franchise as a whole is really sputtering, dying, drying up, or all of the above, OR it means that I’m simply growing up, past caring about the franchise.  Perhaps it’s a combination of both, as well as a few other factors, like the fact that I can’t stop playing League of Legends, and that I’m pretty bad when it comes to expanding my horizons beyond a few things at a time, much less spreading out my attention over numerous video games.

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Why not

Long story short: Rapper 2 Chainz wishes to run for mayor of the town of College Park, Georgia.

My knee jerk reaction to this story was something along the lines of “n**** please,” but then I realized that I had momentarily allowed myself to forget where exactly where 2 Chainz wanted to be the mayor of.

Most people have been to College Park, Georgia, or at least passed through it, and not even realized it.  This is because College Park is where the infamous Atlanta Hartsfield(-Jackson) airport is located, in spite of the fact that it’s always given an “Atlanta, Georgia” address.

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What would happen if fans ran the WWE

Impetus: Butthurt wrestling fans flood social media with their displeasure of latest WWE product, make major outlets like TIME actually think WWE is in trouble.

The WWE’s going to be fine.  They’ll weather the age of insufferable (social media) as they weathered the age of steroids, the age of reality, the age of competition, and every other age that they’ve ever had to weather.

As much as I hate to cite those obnoxious “Keep Calm” sayings, it actually rings true when it comes to wrestling fans, primarily those that only pay attention to the WWE; they simply need to keep calm and trust in Vince, because one way or the other, the company is going to survive this, they’re going to adapt, and they’re going to make it.

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The perils of watching Breaking Bad

I started watching Breaking Bad.  Yes, I’m like five years behind the curve on this one, but anyone that knows me knows that that’s usually the case; I mean, I just started reading Game of Thrones too, and that’s about as equally behind the curve as far as current trends are concerned.

Either way, I like Breaking Bad, as I knew I would once I actually started to watch it.

But man, is it sometimes a dangerous show to watch, for anyone who may or may not get tendencies to grow disenchanted with their own jobs.

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