Combos are so fucking stupid

I was chatting with some bros on Facebook about the upcoming PC version of Killer Instinct that was announced at E3, and naturally whenever the topic of Killer Instinct arises, you have to talk about combos, and of course c-c-c-combo breakers.

I made a remark about how the reboot should allow for combo hit counter to exceed the three digit mark, as in the old Killer Instinct, the combo hit counter topped out at 99, regardless of how many hits you registered afterward.  I was quickly shown a video clip of the 2013 version of Killer Instinct that I wasn’t even aware even existed, and how not only has the combo hit counter exceeded the three digit mark, it’s surpassed the four digit mark.  The video is over 24 minutes long, and yep, the player in the video executes a combo that is 2,603 hits.

Two thousand, six hundred, and three hits.

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Jurassic World > Mad Max, easily

If I dared make such a statement over social media, I would instantaneously be labeled as things such as curmudgeon, contrarian, hipster or the like, but it’s true.

I simply think Jurassic World was a vastly superior movie over Mad Max: Fury Road.

Neither movie was really mind blowing, thought-provoking or something that blew me away, but when I think about how I felt after seeing both movies, I come away from Jurassic World with more pleasing emotions than I did after seeing Fury Road.

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Photos: Jinx/Fishbones photoshoot candids

Note: the following post is from approximately one year ago, held back as a courtesy.

Good things happen when involved parties collaborate.  I came along to help out where I could with a photoshoot that featured Jen’s Jinx costume, the finished Fishbones bazooka by Volpin Props, shot by Joseph Chi Lin.

Obviously, this is relevant to my interests as Jinx is one of my favorite LoL characters, and all involved parties are what I’d consider friendly, so I can say that in spite of poor weather and typical Georgia summer heat, I had a good time taking part, and making a directional suggestion or two in my own right.

I thought it would be a good idea to bring my own camera, because I thought I’d want to take pictures of the street graffiti of the Krog Street tunnel, but ultimately, nothing in particular in the caught my fancy, due to the incestual mishmash of tags upon tags upon tags creating a whole lot of artistic vomit.

But it was good that I did, because I was able to take some candids of the processes of setting up our area, a few shots in between poses, and just a behind-the-scenes feel of what turned out to be an awesome example of talented parties collaborating for the sake of good art.

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Re: Final Fantasy Meh-ven Remake

Impetus: E3 announcement that Final Fantasy VII is being remade occurs, people lose their shit.

The most interesting thing about this whole thing is seeing just how much this is dividing up my friends list on Facebook.  As usual, it’s a tale of extremes, because either people are rabidly excited for it, or they’re fiercely hostile towards the notion of this FF7 being remade.  And then there’s the passive-aggressive bickering amongst the two factions, as well as people like me who are more fascinated with the social chaos of it all, rather than the actual news itself.

Frankly, put me in the camp that is less than lukewarm about this announcement.  I feel that it’s more or less a copout by Squeenix to dust off a classic, pretty it up, and re-release it, rather than y’know, trying to come up with something new and innovative and make one more tick-mark closer to the inevitable Final Fantasy XX, which will basically mark the end of video games as a whole.

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I love that this happened to the St. Louis Cardinals

Long story short: Employees of the St. Louis Cardinals are accused of “hacking” into the databases of the Houston Astros, gaining insider information about trade talks, player data and other proprietary information.

I used to not really care about the St. Louis Cardinals.  In the sense that they weren’t on my radar at all, and I didn’t really have feelings of like or dislike for them, period.  In 2006, I actively rooted for the Cardinals en route to their World Series victory, because they were 83-win underdogs throughout the entire playoffs, and had a pretty amazing run, and it was fun to watch them upset the Mets in the NLCS that year.

Eventually, I became enamored with Albert Pujols, who was, at the time performing basically baseball Jesus-feats on a nightly basis for the Cards, and I can admit that I was a fan of Pujols, even if it meant passively supporting the Cardinals.

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Man, I wish I watched this

Long story short: Philadelphia Phillies get blown out so badly by the Orioles, that they bring in outfielder Jeff Francoeur to pitch to save the bullpen.  Furthermore, the Phillies take the bullpen phone off the hook, as to avoid using any pitcher at all if possible.

Despite the fact that this year is basically a wash for the Atlanta Braves and any and all hope for their fans, there’s always the glee of being able to look in the rearview mirror and say “at least we’re not the Phillies,” who are trudging along, as the expected worst team in baseball.

Pretty much anything and everything crappy that has happened to the Phillies has occurred, but somehow they manage to sink to even lower lows, and frankly we’re barely at the halfway point of the season.  The thought that there’s still plenty of time for things to go humorously awry is pretty incredible, but as it stands, this particular story pretty much aims high at the ranks for the anti-highlights that await the team’s end of the season montage.

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NBA Champions I would’ve never imagined

The Golden State Warriors are NBA champions.

Repeat: the Golden State Warriors are world champions.

These are words that I probably never thought I’d ever see in my lifetime; frankly, words that I never considered possibly being a reality in my entire lifetime.  Granted, I don’t really care much about the NBA in the first place anymore, but still, with a lifetime of remembering that the Warriors were perennial jobbers, it’s pretty fascinating to see how much things have changed, and not only have they ascended to the top of the (paltry) NBA food chain, they’ve clearly reached the pinnacle of it.

This ranks with casual surprise as would be sports teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves or Milwaukee Bucks winning the NBA championship.  The Jacksonville Jaguars or the the Oakland Raiders winning the Super Bowl.  The San Diego Padres or the Houston Astros winning the World Series.

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