Just stop pls

Impetus: Georgia Department of Transportation to spend about $356,000 painting markings and clarifying lanes on the I-85/I-75 Downtown Connector to help attempt alleviate extraneous traffic caused by people changing lanes.

GDOT seems to think that traffic is caused by people who don’t know where they’re going, basically.  That’s why they think that spending a boatload of money to try and clarify directions better than it already is, would theoretically alleviate such congestion.

Such might be the case, as I-85 and I-75 are both major veins throughout the southeastern United States, but I have to believe it to be the vast minority of traffic causes.

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For once, I agree with the Mayor

In short: the idea of an Atlanta casino has been planted, but Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is reluctant about it, in spite of differing, majority opinion.

I’ve already said that I am on the side of the fence that is against the idea of an MGM casino in Atlanta. I’m actually kind of surprised that that opinion is kind of echoed by what the mayor feels about it:

“I’m not there on gaming at all. I believe Las Vegas is in Las Vegas for a reason,” the mayor said. “I just have real issues setting a facility in Atlanta where working folks get off work and walk into a gaming casino.”

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Oh god please not Married… With Children too

TL:DR: David “Bud Bundy” Faustino claims to be working on a spin-off of Married… With Children.

First it was Girl Meets World and then it was Fuller House.  But please god no, not Married… With Children too.

And of course it’s Bud Bundy who has his name all over this likely debacle.  Ed O’Neill has Modern Family under his belt, Katey Segal has a decade of Futurama money rolling in, and Christina Applegate actually has somewhat of a movie career.  David Faustino has basically done nothing since MWC, and it’s of absolutely no surprise at all that he’s the one behind making a possible spin-off of what made him anything at all.

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GG Rito on Fiora’s rework

Impetus: Riot takes League of Legends character Fiora to the wood shed for a doozy of an update, both gameplay and visually.

Anyone want to take any bets on how I feel about this?

If you guessed “Danny hates it,” you’d be right.  Granted, it’s safe to assume that I’ll hate most things, because I’m kind of a cynical person, but the fact of the matter is that I really am disappointed in Riot for what they did to a character that I was pretty partial to.

In terms of gameplay, I agree that Fiora had been progressively left in the dust throughout the passage of time since her release, but it’s not like she was complete crap; for everything about her lack of mobility, escape or crowd control, she has always hit like a ton of bricks, and no matter what, if a game went long enough for her to get two or three core items, she is annihilating people, especially at the scrub-tier level in which I play.

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Stating the smarky obvious

On this past RAW, John Cena cut a promo where he basically said everything smarky wrestling fans like me already knew: the United States championship is way more valuable than the World championship.  The thing is, up until last night, those are the kinds of things that the WWE, much less the wrestlers themselves aren’t necessarily supposed to acknowledge, especially on live television.

Needless to say, I found it very amusing, and one of those “Oooh” moments, but the formula doesn’t change; if the WWE is allowing it to happen, then it’s very much no longer breaking meta, it’s now a storyline.

The thing is that everyone knows it’s true, be it fans, the wrestlers, and the WWE organization itself.  The U.S. title is way more prestigious than the World championship is right now.  It’s just more amazing that they’re acknowledging it so blatantly on live TV.  It’s almost as if the WWE is trying to one of those preemptive power plays, where bringing the awareness to the forefront strips the power of it in the background, where an opinion like this would typically ferment.

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Never going to happen

TL:DR: Safety group wants to lower the speed limits throughout Metro Atlanta.

Yeah, admirable cause, good intentions, but it’ll never happen.  Actually, it might actually happen if the resolve is strong enough, but even if the signs universally throughout the city post slower speeds, that’s not actually going to stop people in Metro Atlanta from actually slowing down, sad to say.

Not a single day goes by where on any given road, I’ll get blown past by, while going the speed limit, or something reasonably slightly over.  Like I were standing still.  This applies ten fold on the highways, where even if I’m cruising at like 77 mph, someone comes up hard on my tail, and I have the courtesy to move a lane over to watch a car going at least 107 mph fly past, without any repercussion or risk of actually getting caught.

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How do you spell internet panhandling??

V-I-R . . . G-I-L!! (video clip)

No but really, Virgil has a Gofundme set up, begging the world to actually make him into a literal, Million Dollar Man.  By asking the world to collectively raise together a million dollars, for well, no actual purpose, other than the fact that Virgil wants a million bucks.

It’s kind of amazing, because there’s really no way this can be deliberate, just how Virgil manages to be internet white hot for fifteen minutes, fizzle out, and just before he completely vanishes into complete obscurity, manages to do something like set up a Gofundme page asking for one million free dollars, do get right back into the public eye once again.  No way this is timed so perfectly, it just can’t be.

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