It’s really going to happen

I just learned: Reigning National Champions Ohio State will open their season against Virginia Tech – the only team to defeat them in the 2014 season

Oh shit, it’s really going to happen.  This kind of scheduling is straight WWE: new world champions immediately want to rectify one of their most embarrassing defeats, given the opportunity to do such as means to start the following season.

Let’s be real here, Virginia Tech, as much as they’re my team, doesn’t stand much of a chance against Ohio State, whom is already ranked number one, heading into the 2015 season.  But the thing is, Tech really has nothing to lose here, except for the fact that they’re playing at home.

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Chris Webber is fucking stupid

Impetus: Former NBA player and collegiate scammer Chris Webber compares collegiate sports to slavery

In more recent years, we’ve heard the argument that college players should receive compensation grow and escalate.  Frankly, I agree to a point where perhaps student-athletes should receive some sort of exceptions when it comes to stuff like food and perhaps some leniency in academics, but I am 100% against the idea of college athletes getting paid to do what they do.

Given the fact that it was TMZ and their generally goading methodology that ultimately led to this sound byte, Chris Webber himself still had to think of what to say, and quite possibly couldn’t have said anything stupider:

Bill Russell told me that any system that gets free labor is slavery.  So, I’m sure they have the right to unionize.

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It’s not you, it’s me

I’m going through an odd period, up in the noggin, if it hasn’t been obvious to my six regular readers.  I’m seldom excited by anything, I think I’m susceptible to some odd mood swings, and I’m often times feeling anxious or troubled by things that I’m not even sure I can really explain much less comprehend myself.  I stop wanting to communicate with people that I don’t have to communicate with, and I just want to kind of be by myself and hope the metaphorical cloudy weather passes without there being any harsh rains.

I spend a lot of time trying to figure things out myself, and it seems like each day brings another possible personal revelation to why it is I’m feeling the way I’m feeling.  However, as is the case with human beings, the mind is constantly moving, and some thoughts and ideas stick better than others, and some fade away or become forgotten.

Today’s thought process is surrounded with the desire to simply attempt to isolate and identify the things that are eating at me.  Granted, identifying them and trying to rationalize them isn’t going to instantly make me feel like I’ve found some miraculous cure or anything, but if for anything at all, at least it’s giving me something to write about, when the rest of the world is seemingly so stagnant and boring, or at least the rest of the world I feel comfortable seeking out, behind the prying eyes of a potential Big Brother.

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Spoilers: True Detective Season 2 talk

Introductory sentence to explain that I am going to talk about True Detective plot points now that the second season has recently concluded.

There’s a lot to say in regards to the finale of season 2 of True Detective.  Agree, that it was overall way weaker than season 1.  Agree, that it was disjointed, filled with weakly-written characters, unmemorable characters that make the viewer go “who the fuck is that?” And agree, way more analogy and veiled commentary over plot.

There’s no sugar-coating it, season 2 of True Detective wasn’t that great.  Not in comparison to season 1, with Matthew MacConaughey stealing the show with his broody detective-turned-vigilante, but it just wasn’t that great in general.

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Love it

TL:DR: Uzbekistan Airlines announces new policy that involves weighing passengers.

As someone who has missed a flight before, because the aircraft reached weight capacity before I could even set foot on it, I’m okay with this.  I’m not just okay with this, I really, really love this idea.

As much flack as Uzbekistan gets for being basically a third-world country out in the middle of nowhere, where nobody would even know its name if not for Borat, their national airline sure did something progressive that I wish the rest of the world would consider, but obviously will not, for an obvious myriad of reasons.

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Can’t say I’m optimistic about this

Long story short: Capcom has announced that they are (finally) remaking Resident Evil 2.

Did you know that Resident Evil 2 was the first time I had ever put down a deposit and reserved a game?  It was.  From an Electronics Boutique, before they were all gobbled up by GameStop, and after they had gobbled up Babbages.  It was in a mall that had two, before the mall itself died, and was more recently resurrected.

Back then, there were no pre-order specials, no artbooks, no collectibles, and no in-game content special for pre-orders.  It was solely to ensure that the store wouldn’t possibly run out of copies before I could get my hands on one, because when I was in the tenth grade, surely the game would be such a hot commodity that I would have to reserve one to guarantee that I got mine as soon as I could get to the mall.

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God, the world seems like such a depressing place

Whenever I get into these writing ruts, I typically try to rely on news to find things or topics that spark ideas or inspiration to write about.  Sometimes it’s local news, sometimes national, and sometimes worldly news.  The thing is, I’m looking for anything to spark a train of thought, and help me break the chains of a writer’s block.

Lately, even that’s been difficult, and I find myself sitting around feeling frustrated by the world at being so inadequate at providing me with inspiration, because everything I read is so downtrodden, depressing, and way too accommodating to the notion that if it bleeds, it leads.

Reading about local Atlanta news, it’s the same stories every day, of shootings here, shootings there, robberies in this place, car-jackings in that place.  And/or political corruption, or news that is so blatantly justifying towards the ideas that the people that run Atlanta, and the State of Georgia are about as crooked as cracks in the sidewalk.

So I look at sites like CNN, and look for news from a larger scope.  Bombings here, riots there, beheadings out in the Middle East, dear leader murdering people for no good reason out in North Korea, and then I just want to close my eyes and imagine a world where everyone weren’t so fixated on the tragic and gruesome as they are now.  I know I’m a pretty cynical person, but every now and then I prefer to not be so bombarded by horrific news from every single outlet, at every single level.

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