Rockdale County is probably going to go broke after this year

Impetus: Rockdale County, Georgia, has decided that every student will be issued a laptop.  To do their homework.

Predicted result: by the end of the 2015-16 school year, Rockdale County, Georgia will suffer massive losses from stolen laptops, stolen parts, broken equipment, thieving and corrupt parents, students that move away or drop out, or any other factor that makes them regret putting thousands of dollars worth of laptops into the hands of teenagers, where they would have many hours of unsupervised time with them.

Seriously though, I really hope Rockdale has some pretty good legalese right now, to build a foundation from for future years of this, if this program lasts that long.  The thought is good, but the variable with the highest risk is simply the fact that people are involved.  I’ll be optimistic and say that like 85% of students will be fairly lawful and not too abusive of this arrangement, but the other 15% are going to really make the county ask themselves WHYYYYYYY??

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