The struggles of trying to live like the past

I decided to take my lunch time to go run a few errands.  Specifically go to the gas station, pick up a small purchase I needed, and ship off a package of something I recently sold on eBay.  The caveat to it all was that I had left my wallet at the mythical girlfriend’s place, and all I had in my possession was a small amount of cash, presumably sufficient enough to be able to put gas in my car, make my purchase, and ship my package.

I figured it would take roughly 45 minutes or so to hit up all three destinations and accomplish all three of my planned tasks.  Somewhere around the 75th minute, I was parking back at the office, frothing at the mouth in aggravation at how long everything took.

It had nothing to do with traffic either; it’s simply the fact that everywhere I went, everything just took forever, for a myriad of reasons, sometimes a combination.  But the lasting thought in my head was that the basis of most of it revolved around people doing things a dated way, just how slow an inefficient it all was, and how I’d rather pull out my own teeth than to have to do things in this manner again, if it can be helped.

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