God, the world seems like such a depressing place

Whenever I get into these writing ruts, I typically try to rely on news to find things or topics that spark ideas or inspiration to write about.  Sometimes it’s local news, sometimes national, and sometimes worldly news.  The thing is, I’m looking for anything to spark a train of thought, and help me break the chains of a writer’s block.

Lately, even that’s been difficult, and I find myself sitting around feeling frustrated by the world at being so inadequate at providing me with inspiration, because everything I read is so downtrodden, depressing, and way too accommodating to the notion that if it bleeds, it leads.

Reading about local Atlanta news, it’s the same stories every day, of shootings here, shootings there, robberies in this place, car-jackings in that place.  And/or political corruption, or news that is so blatantly justifying towards the ideas that the people that run Atlanta, and the State of Georgia are about as crooked as cracks in the sidewalk.

So I look at sites like CNN, and look for news from a larger scope.  Bombings here, riots there, beheadings out in the Middle East, dear leader murdering people for no good reason out in North Korea, and then I just want to close my eyes and imagine a world where everyone weren’t so fixated on the tragic and gruesome as they are now.  I know I’m a pretty cynical person, but every now and then I prefer to not be so bombarded by horrific news from every single outlet, at every single level.

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