Can’t say I’m optimistic about this

Long story short: Capcom has announced that they are (finally) remaking Resident Evil 2.

Did you know that Resident Evil 2 was the first time I had ever put down a deposit and reserved a game?  It was.  From an Electronics Boutique, before they were all gobbled up by GameStop, and after they had gobbled up Babbages.  It was in a mall that had two, before the mall itself died, and was more recently resurrected.

Back then, there were no pre-order specials, no artbooks, no collectibles, and no in-game content special for pre-orders.  It was solely to ensure that the store wouldn’t possibly run out of copies before I could get my hands on one, because when I was in the tenth grade, surely the game would be such a hot commodity that I would have to reserve one to guarantee that I got mine as soon as I could get to the mall.

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