The world is an awful place

Don’t you just hate it when something really terrible happens, and aside from the obvious agony, empathy and grief from all those vested, it feels like you can’t really post anything to the internet without feeling like an insensitive asshole?  It’s like I want to try and inevitably post things that amuse me, or might amuse others, but you just know everything will fall on deaf ears because something major and tragic has occurred, and nobody’s paying attention to anything but that.

Sounds trite sure, but it’s still one of the things that swirls around in my head at times like this.  Doesn’t mean that the actual recent events are no less important.

It’s absolutely tragic and horrific to hear about the terrorist attack in Paris.  It got me thinking about how it seems like there’s a very sophomoric logic behind the dates in which these massive incidents occur, like how September 11th was supposedly planned because Americans dial 9-11 in an emergency, and how to some degree, it shouldn’t feel like that much of a surprise that a cowardly assault on the people of Paris occurred on Friday the 13th.

I don’t know where to direct my disappointment when it comes to stories like this; it’s easy to point fingers at the Middle East as a whole, but that’s logically irresponsible, because extremists are called such for a reason, although it certainly can’t apply to everyone solely based on similar nationalities.  Then there’s a part of me that condemns the concept of religion, because so much of these terrible things seem to always happen in the name of religion, and how it’s subsequently sad that people, at the basest level, simply can’t mind their own fucking business and accept that there are people who think differently, and the answer is not to kill them, but to leave them be perhaps.

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