This is an example of what’s wrong with Atlanta

TL:DR: City of Johns Creek votes “full and complete opposition” to MARTA expansion into its city limits.

Johns Creek is often lost in the shuffle when it comes to the affluent, predominantly-white regions of the outskirts of Metro Atlanta.  However, much like Roswell and Alpharetta, Johns Creek is the oft-overlooked third member of the north Fulton “Milton” county region, that likes to stir the pot and raise controversy every few years about how they want to secede and become their own county, and not be lumped in with the rest of Fulton county AKA “where all the black people live.”

Make no mistake, when it comes to demographics, atmosphere, and sense of entitlement, Johns Creek is sparsely different than its neighbors in Roswell and Alpharetta.

Except when it comes to the acceptance of MARTA, and the stigma that comes along with MARTA.

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