Oh, Atlanta #266

Long story short: waitress at crappy Atlanta Mexican restaurant addresses concerns over the presence of a noose hanging in the kitchen, ultimately gets fired for complaining.

I love the choice of words used in the CBS article

what appears to be a noose

Uh, make no mistake, that’s a noose, no matter what angle, direction or way you look at it. I don’t think it can be mistaken for a pulley or a windsor knot or some sort of special rope tying method used to unearth a tree stump or something. It’s a noose, specifically used to hang people – to death. Snap their neck, asphyxiation, doesn’t matter.

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Don’t worry, nobody wants to be Charlotte either

I love to rag on Atlanta as much as the next Atlantan, because Atlanta truly does a whole lot of stupid stuff and makes a lot of terrible decisions.  But when the day is over, it’s kind of like mom jokes, where the royal we, are allowed to make them, but the royal you, AKA people who don’t live here, cannot.  At least, not without occasional retribution or expectations of defense.

Some Charlotte, North Carolina blogger has decided to take it upon themselves to speak on behalf of the population, declaring what the city must do avoid becoming like Atlanta.  Their extensive list is three bullet points big, one of which holds some weight, one of them shoe-horned in to give their list some fluff, and one an obvious personal gripe.

Yes, it’s embarrassing that Atlanta has as big of transportation woes as it does, and we’re all aware of all the racial, bureaucratic and money-driven reasons to why such exist.  Next, it’s amusing to dig up intel of a drought that occurred nearly ten years ago as justification to water concerns; a modicum of research might show that part of which was due to the state basically selling surplus water haphazardly, not to mention the city’s Department of Watershed is operated by crooks and incompetents which has lead to legions of backpay and high rates.

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Revisiting Battle Royale

Over the holidays, mythical girlfriend got me a copy of the Battle Royale novel.  Like most instances, I’ve heard time and time again about how the book was better, and since I was a huge fan of the BR film that was released in 2000, I was curious to see how the book stacked up against a film that I’d seen numerous times over.

I recently finished the book, and I’m having a difficult time in determining which was the superior, or if it’s even possible to compare.  Due to my familiarity with the film, I had a general mental picture of all the players of the game, which kind of led to ease in reading story where the imagination is already filled in for most of it, leading to where I’m basically reading words.

I guess the book was a little bit better, in the idea that they simply fleshed out and gave just about every student a modicum of spotlight to display a little bit of depth and character, before they were inevitably killed off, and there were some things that the book had that were omitted from the movie, or altered for ease of filming.  Frankly, I understand why the film did what they did in some of these cases, and in comparison to the book, there are some blatant scenarios where particular characters were used or displayed, solely for the fact that they had actor obligations to grant screen time, or something along those lines.

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I’m rooting for Cam

The Denver Broncos versus the Carolina Panthers.

Who’d have guessed such a pairing for Super Bowl L?  Certainly not I, but then again, I haven’t really been paying that much attention to the NFL all season.

I’m more surprised by the fact that the Patriots didn’t mangle Peyton Manning again, and make it into the Super Bowl; I’d have bet money on them beating the Broncos by like 20 points, but it’s a good thing that I don’t bet on sports anymore, because I was still in Vegas when I could have.

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“Hacksaw” AJ Styles?

I didn’t watch The Royal Rumble, because I’m too cheap to get subscribe to the WWE Network despite the fact that I probably have way dumber monthly expenditures, but it doesn’t take a genius to find out means to get the gist of every show, even if you don’t actually watch it.

From what I can hypothesize, there are probably a lot of people that are salty over the fact that Triple H won the Royal Rumble, thus making him the World Heavyweight Champion, because the roster is full of younger, more deserving talent that probably deserved it more, but deserving is only part of the equation to what makes champions.  I don’t care.  HHH as champion is fine with me, because ultimately Creative doesn’t want to crown a champion, only for him to lose it in three months at Wrestlemania, when a non-long-term guy like HHH can transition it instead.

I’m pleased to see Kalisto win back the United States championship, because it’s the most valuable belt in the company and Kalisto being relatively fresh and new to the upper-tier scene, has a chance to really revitalize and freshen up a lot of mid-card storylines, even if it will probably a rehashing of a Rey Mysterio Jr. storyline.

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Totally didn’t see this coming.  Nope, not at all

I actually can’t believe I missed out on this, seeing as how this news broke back almost an entire month ago.  I can’t bring myself to actually put in a Google alert for “Danielle and Mohamed Jbali,” because that’s really gross.  But in the shocker of the century, 90 Day Fiance’s most polarizing couple of all time (paraphrased), Danielle and Mohamed, have split up.

This is an absolute surprise.  Nobody, and I mean nobody, could have guessed that this was going to happen.  Absolutely blindsiding.

I don’t even know where to begin with this.  The fact that the quotes insinuate it was a decision based solely on the notion that social media criticism had pushed them into it only affirms the obvious, which is that Danielle is a pathetic weak-minded sponge that can’t handle any sort of criticism, much less meaningless words from anonymous internet trolls.

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Photos: A tiny Vegas trip

Literally, two weeks ago, a close friend of mine messaged me out of the blue to tell me that she was getting married in Vegas.  Initially, she assumed I was already going to be in Vegas because of Otakon Ve(r)gas, but pffh I don’t don’t really go to conventions anymore, much less the ones run by friends.  I had no intention of going out to Vegas for OV, but to be there for a good friend’s wedding?

Not to mention an Elvis wedding?  Totally worth it.

Thankfully, I was able to find some reasonable travel and lodging accommodations, and was able to make it out to Vegas this past weekend, in spite of the last-minute nature.  The wedding itself was everything I thought it would be; short, succinct and to no real surprise, the Elvis impersonator himself was really mediocre.  He didn’t do the voice, barely any mannerisms, and nary was there more than like two lip curls.

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