A wince-worthy double standard

I’ve been out of touch.  To no surprise.  Heck, even at the time I’m writing this, my brog is still down, en route to its new home, and I’ve been dealing with varying degrees of separation anxiety with my greatest and longest-tenured hobby, but the point remains, I’ve been out of touch with day-to-day current events, and struggling to find time or want to continue writing, without my platform.  And this is the first of many topics that I’m trying to use to jumpstart my writing muscles, and hope for the best.

Anyway, I was going into work one day, and I couldn’t help but notice that there were a few notable buildings that I see on the drive, that had their flags at half-mast.  Clearly, something had happened, and I grew curious to what major event could have happened to have made the decision to go flags at half-mast was.

I got into the office, and I took a few minutes to look on CNN, to see if there was anything major that happened somewhere in the world; nothing.  Perhaps it was at a more local magnitude, something that happened in the state, that is making just Georgians fly Old Glory at half-mast?  So in spite of my endless criticism towards the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, I still went on AJC, because criticism aside, they’re fairly up-to-date on things.

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