This is what insanity looks like

Superstition would dictate that I would never share the details of any contest that I was interested in.  I know far too many talented people out there whose skills, acumen and tenacity render me the equivalent of like a toddler when it comes to particular contests.  Call me selfish, but sometimes I’d rather not have the super-talented people I know in my life not beating the shit out of me in any forms of contest.

But in an ironic sense that because of the server outage, nobody will actually read this until god knows when, I feel like I can talk about this contest whose hat that I’m going to throw my name into.  Without concern of jinxing it, or having anyone I know being better than me at it and winning it out from under my nose.

Thankfully this is a contest that I’m fairly certain nobody I know would, much less could, or even want – to challenge me in.  Because most people I know aren’t obsessive and insane about burritos, and typically probably have better things to do with their time and lives.

I got an email from Willy’s, the burrito chain that holds a dear spot in my gluttonous heart.  Long story short: visit all 27 Atlanta-area (plus one in fucking Athens) Willy’s locations, take a picture of the receipts, and try and be one of five nutjobs to be first to submit. 

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Man, jealous

You know who loves that chicken from Popeyes?  Or at least the biscuits?  I wish I could say it was the state of Georgia; actually, that’s probably very true, although I prefer to pledge my allegiance to Bojangles in the battle of fast food fried chicken.  Whatever though, I’m getting off the point (big surprise).

The answer is Pearl River County in Mississippi, where an 18-wheeler crashed on MS Rt. 59, spilling 40,000 pounds of Popeyes biscuits.

Now some Popeyes biscuits would’ve been an absolute coup of a side item to accompany the veritable buffet spilled all over Georgia highways – if only this truck had managed to wipe out in Georgia instead of Mississippi.  But again, another tragic food truck wipeout, denied to Georgia highways, and instead happening somewhere far less appreciated.

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Still shunning social

It’s been nearly two full months since I stopped checking Facebook.  It’s also been about that long that my brog’s been down, keeping me anxious and feeling voiceless when it comes to routine and a simple enjoyment, but that’s a different story.

I’ve learned that Facebook notifications caps at 99, based on the periodic emails I get letting me know that I’ve got 99 notifications since the last time I’ve been on Facebook, and the number is no longer climbing.

In that time, I’ve more or less lost touch with people, as I don’t know what exciting or mundane things that are going on in the lives of the 140+ internet personas that Facebook deems as friends.  Birthdays have come and gone, and the odd random “so-and-so has posted” emails keep me in the loop that people are in fact gabbing away.

There are a few group conversations going on that I’m aware are happening because Facebook notifies me that they’re happening over email, but out of not wanting to break my chain, not because I’m (entirely) antisocial, I’m blind to them.  I haven’t seen any photos or any posts that have me tagged, because I’m a hipster and obtuse.

The thing is, I’ve been mulling over in my head when it is that I want to come back.  I’m enjoying the freedom of ambivalence, and the time I’m not wasting both literally and the time spent thinking about the things people post, because I’m not checking Facebook repeatedly.  I’ve read lots of books, watched some television and movies, did a lot of writing for a brog that I have no idea when will ever be back up and been on two trips so far.  I’m not saying that none of those things would’ve have happened if I’d still been engaged on Facebook, but I did have the luxury of being fairly clear-minded and undistracted by potential distractions.

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Sensitivity cranked to eleven

Last weekend, I saw Finding Dory.  I thought it was a pleasant film.  It’s definitely a sequel that absolutely requires prerequisite watching of Finding Nemo in order to understand the numerous references from the prior film.  But it’s a film that as should be expected with most Disney/Pixar collaborations, is the definition of a good movie; decently written, with a clear and basic point and objective, tastefully humorous and has a tremendous amount of heart.

I enjoyed the film, and walked out of the theater feeling entertained and pleased with my time investment.

But leave it to The Internet to actively seek out things to find offensive and subsequently complain about it, and do their best to put a wet blanket over something good.

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The Braves make it so easy to be right

Who would’ve thunk it?  Sandy Springs mayor outraged because Cobb County plans on utilizing Sandy Springs surface streets to direct game-day traffic onto?  Shocker of the century.  No way they should get upset over such a trivial matter!

It’s funny because when the new stadium was revealed after it’s secret planning and surprise announcement, the very, very, very, very first concern that was brought up about it’s location at the corner of I-75 and I-285 was the traffic.  The north quadrant of I-285 is already known to have the worst of the daily commuter traffic on a daily basis, and conventional thinking leads to believe that the insertion of thousands of people going to a baseball game onto the very same roads would lead to a dramatic worsening of traffic.

But it’s okay, because the Braves and a whole litany of Cobb County stiffs who arranged this whole debacle were all like “Naw, there isn’t going to be any worse traffic!  We’re going to build a bridge!  We’re going to have buses!  We’re going to expand Cobb Parkway!  We’re going to make the new park bicycle friendly!”  And other bullshit rhetoric that were attempts to dissuade the dissent over traffic reasons that wasn’t fooling anyone with a quarter of a brain.

Well, the bridge’s funding still doesn’t have any real clear-cut transparency on how it’s going to be funded.  Look out, Cobb County has six buses to transport tens of thousands of people.  Locals aren’t thrilled with the incessant construction on Cobb Parkway, and 75% of people seem to agree that riding bicycles to ScumTrust Park via the highway or six-lane roads is not a good idea.  Oh, and the ballpark has bankrupt the county’s parks budget, but that has little relevance in this topic other than the fact that I just felt like pointing that out again.

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Believe that

OOOAHHHHHHH – Samoan for* “Roman Reigns suspended by WWE for violating their wellness policy”

*not true

This is an interesting story, because Roman Reigns is a main-eventer and come from a reputable wrestling family, most notably related to, The Rock.  Typically wrestlers under certain circumstances are inexplicably exempt from ever being in violation of the WWE Wellness Policy, and are often times alternatively given a private slap on the wrist, much to the dismay of other wrestling superstars who are not within said circumstances.

This is unofficially called the Randy Orton Line, on account of Randy Orton being caught multiple times throughout his career for steroid use or other undocumented violations of the same wellness policy, but not getting any substantial reprimand or punishment, popularly believed to be because he was a main-eventer, as well as coming from a reputable wrestling lineage, one that has always been in good relations with Vince McMahon and family.  Those underneath the Randy Orton Line in the roster hierarchy and lacking in legacy clout typically face the suspensions that range anywhere from 30-90 days, if not outright firing.

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