This might actually be the end

fin: Gawker files for bankruptcy, after jobbing to Hulk Hogan

It’s funny, since this whole debacle began, and the ensuing result of Hulk Hogan doing what Hulk Hogan does best, triumphing over evil, I stated that I don’t think I could ever be disappointed about any news in relation to this subject.  But I have to say that I was wrong about that, because I can’t help but feel a modicum of disappointment to hear that the storyline, is actually coming to its conclusion, with Gawker basically throwing in the towel and raising with white flag.

Honestly, I’d have preferred to read about at least four more courtroom battles between the Peter Thiel-powered Hulk Hogan and Gawker lawyers, and read about repeated the jobbing that would inevitably have ensued.  It’s not really a surprise, given the fact that money owed to Hulk Hogan was well beyond what was in Gawker’s coffers, but stories like this always have a tendency to drag out longer than they should; maybe they did, and I was just too giddy with enjoyment at seeing a slimy news rag get their comeuppance that it all just felt like a ride ending too soon?

Either way, I’m not surprised to see that this is happening, and the notion that Gawker thinks they will be absolved of paying Hulk Hogan the $140 million dollars they owe him.  Sure, a lot of it will be wiped out I imagine, but I also imagine that when Gawker inevitably sells, the Hulkster is going to get something for his troubles still; I know bankruptcy is often seen as something of a shrewd strategic maneuver to the 1%, but I’d like to know that Hulkamania will be getting something from his victory over Gawker.

Anyway, as fun as the ride was, I’m sad to see that it’s actually coming to a close.  The aftermath of the trial was pretty entertaining, with the reveal of Peter Thiel’s involvement and agenda, but the end result really isn’t that surprising to me.  Gawker goes belly-up, Hogan doesn’t get all the money he’s owed, and someone will inevitably buy Gawker’s remains, because there’s still some value in their name and notoriety itself.

Hopefully, the rest of the world will remember now that even at his old age, nobody should fuck with Hulkamania.

Clearly humility doesn’t classify as curriculum

TL;DR –  Texas high schooler brags about all her accomplishments in spite of being an undocumented resident, internet explodes.

Either this broad is a sad representation of what a valedictorian today is, or the bar at Crockett High is really, really low.  Because behavior like this is pretty stupid and foolish, and those are typically decisions people don’t expect from valedictorians, often perceived to be the smartest student in the graduating class.

Or perhaps vapid, narcissistic bragging on social media is just so commonplace today, that even those who are expected to be intelligent are not immune to the temptation to do it as well.

A 4.5 GPA is impressive, undoubtedly, but without any context, the achievement could also be hollow.  How many AP classes?  Or was it a curriculum full of cush classes and basic-level necessities?  That’s what’s convenient about Twitter; the character count often makes it impossible to provide context, and people simply don’t have the attention span to inquire about it.

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