Right on so many levels

Love this so much: Mexico City science teaching assistant discovers ways to engage students’ attention – by dressing up as Spider-Man.

This right here, is some absolutely amazing (no pun intended) ingenuity and outside-the-box thinking.  Students of today ADHD and Ritalin generation have no attention spans, and need shiny objects and fluffy curriculum to hold their hands into growth.  They’re also being raised to believe that the only acceptable movies out there are all based on comic books.  What better way to kill two birds with one stone than teaching dressed as a comic book character?

This guy, Moises Vazquez, hits the nail on the head on so many levels that absolutely love it.

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Oh Georgia, #546

IT’S REAL GOD DAMMIT: Woman pulls gun on professional wrestler during a live event

I don’t even know where Ringgold is.  I had to look it up on Google Maps in order to see that it’s basically in Tennessee.  That’s kind of a relief, because I’m glad to know that psychopaths like this lady are at least a good two hours outside of Atlanta.

Anyway, this is definitely one of those stories that, regardless of the progression that the professional wrestling industry has made with becoming slightly more acceptable and not quite as the guilty pleasure that fans have had to hide their enjoyment of, brings it all crashing back to the days of ridicule and embarrassment.

Also bonus embarrassment for Georgia’s lax concealed carry laws, as an unhinged person is somehow allowed to wander into a glorified bingo hall, where a wrestling show that has a heel character that is known to antagonize fans – with a gun (and a knife).

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