I hope the Braves fail here

TL;DR – Atlanta Braves fail to secure new Spring Training home for 2018 and beyond; are now banking on good faith that Disney will allow them one-year extension

As if the Braves couldn’t swindle enough people in Georgia already, apparently they’ve been trying to find a way to swindle people in Florida too.  The Braves’ agreement with the Walt Disney ESPN Wide World of Sports as official home to Atlanta Braves Spring Training home expires after the 2017 season.  And with the vast majority of the teams in the Spring Grapefruit League all having moved to areas where they’re all close to each other, the Braves would like to become one of the cool kids, and relocate to where they can be close to other teams, and not spend so much of their Spring Training time on buses or driving long distances in order to play their scrimmages, from Orlando.

Naturally, the Braves want to build a brand new facility, or rather, have a brand new facility built for them at the expense of local taxpayers, in preferably places like Palm Beach, or Sarasota, where large clusters of teams call home come Spring Training.  Hilariously, alleged talks with these regions have not progressed nearly as quickly enough for the Braves to be able to actually project where they will be training come the 2018 season.

And I hope it remains this way, and that the Braves don’t actually get another fucking sports facility built for them, because fuck more new sporting complexes.

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Some eggheads justifying what I’ve already been saying

Duh: some economics professors proclaim that Super Bowls and other stadium bullshit is actually in fact, bullshit

Do I even have to make another post about this again?  About how stadiums are bullshit, Atlanta is an unfortunate bombing ground of greed and criminals building all these stupid stadiums, and the 2019 Super Bowl is the grand daddy of greed, corruption and more fucking greed?

Nah, because coming from me, it just sounds like mindless ranting.  So it’s a good thing that some economic professors and experts have decided to chime in to basically state the obvious to those with brains: new stadiums and the events they host spout metric fucktons of rhetoric and inflated numbers of all the money that they can potentially bring, but when the days are over, only the corporations and the investors truly win out, while everyone else suffers.

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The world is a terrible place, July 2016 edition

It’s mornings like this that I dread.  Where something tragic occurs in the world, and it’s unfortunately the hot topic that the media is over.  News, is inherently mostly bad, but it’s times like when some psychopaths charge a runaway truck into a crowd particularly peaks, further justifying the notion that terrorists are shitheads, religion is lethally divisive, there are some truly evil people in the world and the world is a shitty, shitty place sometimes.

Everything becomes disgusting at times like this.  Faith in people, the idea that there are networks of terrorists out there that seemingly will never come to justice because of the idea that they’re secretly supplied by supposed allied forces in order for rich people to profit on the idea of war.  Disgust in the media that can’t stop running gruesome imagery in the name of journalism and throwing discretion and sensitivity to the wind.  Disgust that among the dead, numbers of those belonging to particular nationalities emerge, as if it’s more important that Americans, Canadians, Italians, or British people were killed amongst the French celebrating Bastille Day.

Honestly, it’s all tiresome.  It’s tiresome the alarming number of incidents like such that the entire world hears about, where people are senselessly killed for absolutely senseless reasons.  It’s tiresome to read, listen or see the aftermaths of the same songs and dances, that have been uttered so many times over the span of the last year that they’re completely losing meaning.  Thoughts and prayers aren’t fixing anything.  When is love going to triumph over all this hate?

It’s tiresome seeing the collateral effects of these incidents, like all the observations about how France gets all the solidarity and support of the world, while Istanbul is glazed over; or perhaps these fucking attacks are just happening with such frequency, that people just don’t have time to console another before the next terrorist ambush occurs?

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