Probably profit from confusion

Long story short: Coca-Cola experiencing boost in sales on light and zero-calorie soda in international markets after rolling out new can design for Coke products

My knee-jerk hypothesis is that people see all the red that saturates like 82% of these cans that they don’t realize that they’re purchasing Coke Light (Diet Coke) or Coke Zero until it’s too late, and since merchants typically don’t accept returns on opened containers, they’re just kind of boned and have to deal with it.

Maybe that was Coke’s plan all along.

Who really knows what Coke’s plan ultimately is.  There are those who think regular Coke is the devil because they’re solely counting calories.  And then there are those who think Diet and Zero are the devil because of sodium and aspartame.  This new experimental branding that has only been seen in Spain, Mexico and various parts of Europe seems to accomplishing this confusing effect that still retains each brand’s parent colors, but puts a massive Coke-red blob on all the cans.

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Part of why I write so much

I had a disheartening train of thought recently, that I don’t feel like anyone really listens to the things I say.  Say, as in voice, when I speak, the words that come out of my mouth.  Sure, I know that I’m often accused of mumbling, that I clearly must have some sort of mush-mouth, and it makes me self-conscious when I speak, and I sometimes catch myself trying hard to enunciate everything with more fervor than the average speaker probably does. 

Regardless of my shitty-sounding voice, sometimes I get in my head that I don’t think anyone’s listening.  People will indulge me and grant me their immediate attention when words are coming out of my mouth, but I don’t frankly think many people actually listen, care, or are really actually paying attention.

I understand that we all as people have a million things going on, and I get that sometimes these things occupy a tremendous amount of space in our heads.  I grew up with probably what would be diagnosed as ADD as a kid, and got my ass beat by my mom because I had difficulty listening and paying attention.  Whether it was through overcompensation, the fact that it might not actually be a real ailment, or my general wanting-to-please-others mentality, I think that I’ve become quite a decent listener to what other people have to say, but especially lately I don’t feel that such courtesy is reciprocated on a pretty wide scale.

My own parents don’t really listen to me, and in spite of how often they ask me to do their menial correspondence for them, the instructions that I give that might just actually make their lives and my life a little bit easier are often times construed as suggestion, and I, or my sister have to end up doing them anyway.  Neither of them could tell anyone what I’m currently into, what kind of car I drive, and have shreds of doubt when it comes to recollecting how old I am.

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When in doubt, Al always saves the day

Even 19 years since the last episode of Married… With Children aired, Al Bundy Ed O’Neill still comes out to save the day, debunking the momentum gathering rumor that there was going to be a spinoff show, helmed by Bud Bundy David Faustino.

Thank the lord.

A MWC spinoff sounded as good of an idea as the Atlanta Streetcar, which is to say completely terrible and a perfectly good waste of resources and time.  Especially with the extra intel that Al had shared during a recent interview:

Al and Peg are in Vegas — they won the lottery.

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