Believe that

OOOAHHHHHHH – Samoan for* “Roman Reigns suspended by WWE for violating their wellness policy”

*not true

This is an interesting story, because Roman Reigns is a main-eventer and come from a reputable wrestling family, most notably related to, The Rock.  Typically wrestlers under certain circumstances are inexplicably exempt from ever being in violation of the WWE Wellness Policy, and are often times alternatively given a private slap on the wrist, much to the dismay of other wrestling superstars who are not within said circumstances.

This is unofficially called the Randy Orton Line, on account of Randy Orton being caught multiple times throughout his career for steroid use or other undocumented violations of the same wellness policy, but not getting any substantial reprimand or punishment, popularly believed to be because he was a main-eventer, as well as coming from a reputable wrestling lineage, one that has always been in good relations with Vince McMahon and family.  Those underneath the Randy Orton Line in the roster hierarchy and lacking in legacy clout typically face the suspensions that range anywhere from 30-90 days, if not outright firing.

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