Photos: Progressive Field, Cleveland, Ohio

[2020 note]: the following is a photo dump that was never accounted for, from my baseball park trip to Cleveland, Ohio, to visit Progressive Field, the home of the Cleveland Indians in 2016.

This was a ballpark that had long eluded me, due to the fact that it was in Cleveland, and there were never many ideal flight options when I had my flight privileges, and after I lost them, it seemed like it might never happen.  But seeing as how my dad had gotten a new car, it seemed like a good idea to have some father-son bonding time, and we made a road trip to Ohio from Virginia, and got to knock this ballpark off my bloody list.

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Thieves?  More like HEROES

Two wrongs don’t make right: Hoodlums break into truck to steal a laptop, inadvertently rescue German Shepard left in truck with windows up

When the day is over, all parties involved are shitheads.

I’m trying to weigh in my head which is the worse infraction, and I’m definitely leaning towards the asshole truck owner who left his poor German Shepard in the car with the windows up in the middle of summer. 

Breaking and entering and theft aren’t cool at all, and it makes my blood boil just thinking about when some thugs broke into my own house while I was home, but these thugs ultimately weren’t trying to hurt anyone, just steal.  But deliberately leaving a dog in a vehicle in the middle of the summer with the windows closed is basically attempting homicide, in a manner of speaking.  Whether it was a dog or any other living creature, actual life was at stake on the choices of the truck owner, and for that reason, he’s the bigger piece of shit in this story.

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Okay, now I’m mad at Chick Fil-A

Utter bullshit: Chick Fil-A discontinues the breakfast spicy chicken biscuit; in favor of an egg-white chicken sandwich

I can overlook legacy founder discrimination and I can overlook the mayor of New York jumping on the boycott train two years late.  But getting rid of the spicy chicken biscuit?

Now, I have reason to have issue with Chick Fil-A.

In one fell swoop, CFA has effectively removed my favorite breakfast item, and replaced it with an item, that sounds okay on paper, but will be one that I cannot eat period, because I’m 90% sure that I have an allergy to eggs now.  Regular chicken biscuits are damn good in their own right, but if given options, I’m taking the spicy chicken biscuit four times out of five, nine times out of ten, and probably 90 times out of a hundred.

Seriously, I don’t really understand they’d 86 something that has been clearly a consistent strong performer on the menu, just because they want to introduce something else to the breakfast lineup.  It’s basically the equivalent of the Indiana Pacers trading Detlef Schrempf away because they wanted to use Rik Smits.

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So much for my plan to take over Alabama

TL:DR – Lexi’s Law mandates that cursive handwriting will be required to have been taught to students by the end of the third grade

Honestly, I’ve heard the notion that cursive handwriting is a dying thing, and that the future actually stood something of a risk to have gotten to a point where people would simply be incapable of reading cursive writing, rendering centuries and generations of written text indecipherable. 

As someone who respects, words, I could see that it was an actual concern that should probably be addressed. 

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A little bit of retribution?

In short: Cobb voters choose to not reelect chairman Tim Lee, the man primarily behind the under-the-table deal which agreed to bring the Atlanta Braves to Cobb County

Unfortunately, Cobb residents will still be on the hook for much of the burden that Great White Flight ScumTrust Park will create, but at least they can have a tiny bit of solace in knowing that they denied Tim Lee’s plight to continue on as chairman of the county.

I like how the media tries to downplay the involvement of the conception of ScumTrust Park in Lee’s defeat, and uses words like “partially.”  It’s entirely because of ScumTrust Park and the deception used and the trust broken that it all symbolizes that led to this development.  Lee had been chairman for the last six years, and stayed put because nothing seemed broke, so the apathetic Cobb voters didn’t want to fix anything; but then he brokered the Braves deal in secret and with zero time for constituent opposition, shattered the trust of all residents, and is now seeing the effects of how far you can push a population before they push back.

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Parks and Rec is my favorite show of all time

I do not say this lightly or on account of the fact that I just recently finally watched the rest of the series.  Parks and Recreation is the best show that I’ve ever watched, and is now my favorite television show of all time.

This does not mean I no longer like shows like Married… With Children, Batman the Animated Series, Dead Like Me, Breaking Bad, season 4 of Dexter, or any other show that I’ve claimed to be very favorable of at differing points of my life.  But they all fall short in comparison to Parks and Rec.  And honestly, it’s not even really a contest anymore at this point, and I’m hard pressed to believe that I’m going to actually see something I like more any time soon.

The thing is, I had this conclusion in mind after I finished the fifth season of Parks and Rec.  But I wanted to make sure that the show didn’t really end up going downhill really fast like Dexter did, and ultimately tank the series as a whole.  But I’m not surprised that it delivered all the way to the end, and I can’t say that I’ve felt so emotional watching a series wind down ever, compared to how I felt with Parks and Rec.

No matter if I was feeling down or disappointed in something going on in my life, watching Parks and Rec was an instant cure all for my gloom.  And at 22 minutes per episode, it was really easy to simply watch an episode, or binge-watch several, which the latter was mostly what I was doing on the weekends when mythical girlfriend was at work.  And now that I’m done with the series, I’m wondering what I’m going to do with my life now. 

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The Pikachu Game stories, July 16-23

Fucking milennials.  Haven’t they played an RPG before?  Don’t they understand that as players become more experienced, the difficult just might scale?  Haven’t they ever endured some video game grinding before??

This particular article, documenting the “agonizing” process in which The Pikachu Game has the audacity to scale and continuously add more and more experience requirements to hit higher levels, and all I really get out of it is that today’s video gamers simply don’t have the tenacity or patience to know what it’s like to achieve the next numbered level, once they’ve been through the trenches for a little bit.

Back in my day, we called it grinding, because that’s exactly what it feels like at times.  Gamers today are even luckier, with so many games having so many options to grind less, be it in-game XP boosters, pay-for-XP boosts, or even hiring a Chinese guy to grind out levels for you.  I still remember playing Final Fantasy IV, having to kill like 80,000 behemoths and red dragons in order to get to level 99, and they could beat your ass all the way from level 50 to even when you hit the 90s.

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