Vacations and relaxation are hard for me

I’m not one to often broadcast my vacation plans, but let’s be real here, my brog has been down so long, that there’s absolutely no concern that some mysterious anonymous seventh reader of mine that cyber-stalks me is going to get wind of me not being home, break into my house and steal all my wrestling belts.  I’m literally hoarding a folder full of Word documents of the ever-growing backlog of brog posts that I have every intention of back filling when, or if, my brog ever comes back online.

Me salty?  Nahhhhh

Anyway, it’s not often that I write off the cuff without a general subject, topic or impetus to vomit words.  But I knew that I would probably want to write some diatribe before I got on a plane, fly across the Atlantic and try to find some rest, relaxation and exploration in parts of the world I never thought I’d actually go to.

Much to the doubts of mythical gf, I actually am excited about this trip, planned a year in advance.  But my excitement oftentimes manifests itself in a variety of anxiety at the things I’m leaving behind, as well as a bewilderment of the things planned ahead of me.  Otherwise, I like to think I’m a pretty grounded guy that doesn’t show like Nintendo 64 Kid levels of excitement, about anything.

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The Gwinnett Braves have bad attendance?  YOU DON’T SAY

About as easy to predict as rain in Florida – the Gwinnett Braves suffer average attendance drop for the fourth straight year

Sometimes I wonder at what point will people see beyond all the rah-rah rhetoric about how the Atlanta Braves and all their owned affiliates are good for economies, communities and are actually burdens and ballasts to towns that weren’t exactly unanimously ecstatic about their presences?  Will a player have to kill someone?  I mean, Braves players have been busted in various forms of domestic abuse, and nobody seems to sour on the organization.  The organization has fleeced pretty much every small town in which their minor league affiliates exist in, as well as the future home of the big club.  When will people realize that baseball isn’t just America’s Pasttime, but also a cold, calculated, greedy, money-grubbing business that often acts like a leech on the places they invade?

But anyway, about as sure as the sun rises in the morning, the Gwinnett Braves are struggling to draw people to their ballpark.  I mean, who would have thought a minor league ballpark that’s barely 60 miles away from the major league parent, with ticket costs equivalent to major league prices and has a staunch no-outside food policy unlike the parent, would suffer weak attendance numbers?  I mean, who wouldn’t want to see Sean Kazmar instead of Freddie Freeman, or whenever a superstar visiting player like Clayton Kershaw or Andrew McCutchen comes to Turner Field?

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It’s not food, but damn

It started with hams, followed up by turkeys, eggs, chips and beer, but it looks like we’ve got an entire house to host this highway garbage party!  A mobile home falls off a truck at the I-85/I-285 intersection on the south side of Atlanta.

I didn’t think I’d find enjoyment out of things not being food crashing onto the highways, but it’s not every day that you hear about mobile homes falling off trucks, and being destroyed entirely in the process, shutting down the entire highway, crippling hundreds of motorists.

I guess it’s due to the fact that it was a mobile home, akin to the structures found in trailer parks, which are home to white trash and the lowest common denominators of popular society that makes this funny.  I don’t think it would be so much of amusement if it were an oversized load, dropping an entire like, Sears craftsman home onto the highway, because that would seem kind of tragic.  But a trailer park mobile home falling off of a truck and being destroyed seems hilarious in comparison.

The bottom line is that it wasn’t considered back when the food carnage was occurring, but it is indeed that the highway food waste party would have needed a venue to be held at.  And what better place for a party serving trashed food littered with road waste, oil slicks, dead animal matter and cigarette butts, than inside the shattered remains of a mobile home.

Colin Kaepernick is a piece of shit

TL:DR – Overrated quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers refuses to stand for the United States national anthem, citing racial injustice

I’ve never been a Colin Kaepernick fan.  I thought his ‘kiss the bicep’ touchdown celebration was silly for a guy that had arms thinner than spaghetti, and felt that there was something of an ego problem with the guy.  But I’m also smart enough to recognize the talent that he harnesses, and the absurd 2012 playoff run, where Kaepernick single-handedly put the entire team on his back and practically carried them all the way to a Super Bowl victory.  However, it didn’t mean I had to respect the guy, I just didn’t ever like the guy.

But now, Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the National Anthem, that’s a legitimate reason to call him a piece of shit. 

Colin Kaepernick is a piece of shit.

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I hope he throws salt in God’s eyes and whacks him with his cane

In memoriam: Harry Fujiwara AKA Mr. Fuji dies at the age of 82 years old

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really care that much when Paul Bearer died.  Sure, he was a memorable personality in the wrestling industry, who had the luxury of being associated with one of the greatest of all times in The Undertaker, but let’s be real here, he wasn’t really that interesting of a guy to me.  He spoke in a ghostly voice and was visually memorable, but he never got his hands dirty, he rarely took bumps, and really, he only managed three guys ever, Kane and Mankind on top of the Undertaker.

But Mr. Fuji passing, that elicits actual downer emotions within me.  Mr. Fuji was undoubtedly on the Mount Rushmore of classically heel managers, along with Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart and the Slickster.  Mr. Fuji was a guy that was memorable for all the reasons, right and wrong, whether it was because he was a walking caricature of Japanese stereotypes, with his Uncle Tom suit and bad guy bowler hat, or the fact that when you look at the guys he managed, he certainly managed his share of actual champions.

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Truly fin..?

Is it really over?  Gawker to shut down indefinitely as ultimately result of messing with Hulkamania.

As if there were any doubt from the very start.  Sure, it took a few years, but the end result is the same as with anyone else who has ever tried to fuck with Hulk Hogan: defeat.

There’s really nothing else for me to say about the matter.  Gawker, thinking they were invincible behind first amendment rights, simply barked up the wrong tree and had an endless wave of Hulkamania run rampant all over them, and now they’re bankrupt, watched all their assets with actual potential get bought up by Univision of all companies, and then forced to shut down their flagship that no entity in their right mind wants to associate their names with.

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Competitive League still has a lot to learn

Mythical gf favors European League of Legends team Fnatic.  By proxy, I’ve become somewhat attuned to their standings, and it doesn’t hurt their favor with me when they field Korean players.  Anyway, for the growing demographic of people who follow the competitive League scene, this is the time of the year in which the respective regions begin wrapping things up, and preparing for Worlds.

Regions in North America, Taiwan and to some degree China, have no parity whatsoever, so it’s basically the teams that were expected to make Worlds, pretty much locking things up, and jockeying for seeding, while everyone else is just playing for, well, paychecks.  Korea to no surprise, is a nuclear warzone in itself, as there are no real surprises with the teams that will be making Worlds, but like the others, are duking it out for seeding, with the reigning champs, the two-time winning SK Telecom already getting upset and failing to secure the Korean #1 seed (but still going to Worlds).

If there’s any region that has any parity, and no real predictability, it would have to be Europe.  Up until this year, it was pretty much a surefire bet that Fnatic would make Worlds, as they’ve made it to Worlds almost every single year of competitive play.  However,  due to the never-finalized, perpetually work-in-progress, always young-and-changing rules and format of the competitive scene, this is a year in which Fnatic is by no means a lock to even make it into Worlds.

In fact, if not for a questionable policy in the format, Fnatic should mathematically be eliminated from Worlds qualification.  But because Rito prints so much money, they don’t seem to care that they could milk more games, which would mean more broadcasts, more ads to spam, and more money to make, but as stated, they make so much money that they would rather have a kind of lame policy, instead of creating some sport drama narrative that other, physical sport leagues would salivate at the idea of.

This is the kind of stuff that will always separate eSports from athletic sports.

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