Photos: Korea Trip 2016, batch 1

[2020 note] These are unposted photos from 2016, the first of four galleries of my first-ever trip to the Motherland, that I took with my mother.

As soon as we landed, we had guidance from some of my mom’s friends from over 38 years ago that they’d been keeping in touch over the internet, and they were lovely people who helped us settle in upon arrival.

Pretty quickly, I learned that Seoul is very much a city actively primarily at night, and it was a wonderful time soaking in and absorbing the culture of my parents, and it was tremendous fun wandering around taking in all the sights and indulging in all sorts of Korean food all over the place.

One of the most satisfying feelings however, was when I decided to branch off and go off on my own, and realized very quickly that even in spite of my elementary proficiency in Korean, I was more than capable of holding my own in Korea, and the apprehension of being on my own in Seoul vanished really fast.

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Korean Stories: Shopping in the Motherland

Prior to visiting Korea, I did a lot of cursory research on sights to see and things to do.  I found plenty of sights to see throughout Seoul and some of the other places I visited, but the things to do spectrum proved to be a very shallow well to dip into, with the most frequent suggestions revolving around drinking, eating or shopping.

I didn’t really want to drink too much around my mother, and the human stomach does have a finite amount of space in which meals and extra meals can go into at any one time, so that really meant that if I really wanted to do what the Romans Koreans did, there was a whole lot of shopping (and browsing) that was going to happen.

If anything at all, because I don’t really know how to buy things for myself that aren’t food, occasional clothing or other consumable goods, I was going to be wandering around a whole lot of shopping centers.  I had a moderate list of things that I wanted to purchase for others, but my money was about as finite as room for food in the gullet.

To cut to the chase, shopping in Korea is unlike shopping anywhere else in the world, in my opinion.  Shopping isn’t just a recreational activity done in Korea, it’s pretty much a completely essential thing done by anyone who lives and visits the Motherland.

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