Sounds like Date Rape, Jr.

Things have been pretty busy for me at work lately.  I’ve gotten some substantial sized projects that eat up the days and weeks pretty wholly, and I often times find myself with little to no downtime at work, and I’m putting in overtime on a regular basis as the busy season solders on for my job.  That being said, I’m not resentful or anything, but the truth of the matter is that I’m often times swamped, against a clock, and operating at a stress level that I’d rather not be in.

Whenever such is the case, I sometimes grow irritable towards the existence of peers and co-workers, and whether it’s their chatter, restless foot syndrome or their sheer inabilities to get over coughs, I feel the innate necessity to drown them out by whatever means necessary.  Which is to say that I listen to a lot of Pandora when I get swamped, because I don’t want to hear anything but my music while I plug away at my monumental assignments.

Unfortunately that also means that I’m subject to the endless parade of ads that comes along for being a pleeb free Pandora listener, since I’m streaming it through my phone because Big Brother has no problem with Facebook, YouTube or even Netflix, but restricts Pandora, and therefore cannot filter out the ads with AdBlock.  And there’s been one ad I’ve heard no less than 50 gozillion times now that’s caught my attention, not because I finally experienced what jetlag is really like, but the fact that it sounds like a recipe for being an FDA approved version of a date rape drug.

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