Impending misery

When I unplugged, packed up and moved my PC, I didn’t think much of it.  I have two other laptops that I use that satiate standard needs that there was no real rush to getting my system back up and running in any timely fashion.  So, for the better part of the last month, my PC had been sitting dormant, a black box surrounded by wound up cords and monitors.

So naturally, the moment I needed to retrieve something important off of my PC, it would be at this moment that I’d discover that the hard drive inside of it seems to have died.  Now I’ve dealt with hard drive failures in the past, and it’s never particularly pleasant, but the timing of this one combined with the fact that this wasn’t a hand-me-down machine like several of those before this one, but one I purchased myself with hopes that I could ride it for a good bit, which I did, has made this particular hard drive failure a particularly hard pill to swallow.

Not to mention that pretty much everything important to me, from photography, sensitive documents, websites, writing and all of my work samples and professional information were on it.  Not just from the last six years that I’ve had this PC, but from many more years before it, all transferred and preserved throughout my time of owning computers in general.

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