Surprise of the century

Shocker: ScumTrust Park, the new home of the Atlanta Braves of Cobb County, has abolished on of Turner Field’s most popular policies – the ability to bring in outside food

This is about as surprising as finding out water is wet and fire is hot.  Anyone who thought for a second that one of Turner Field’s most popular policies would carry over into the new ballpark was delusional.

Of course ScumTrust Park isn’t going to allow people to bring in their own food; with the park smack dab in the middle of The Battery, the lame name used to describe the epicenter of shops, restaurants and other tourist crap that will surround Great White Flight Park, naturally they’re going to do everything to dissuade people from bringing their own food and instead spending money on overpriced homogenized pretentious crap around the park in order to eat instead.

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Oh, Georgia #876

For decades, those who were offended by the notion of Confederate Memorial Day had to endure the fourth Monday being of April every year would remain as such.  That is, until 2016, when Georgia governor, Nathan Deal decided to chase dollars over politics and realized that having “Confederate Memorial Day” just might be perceived negatively, and any negative perception hurts the potential profitability of the state, so he made a decision to, get rid of the name.

No, the paid day off for government works did not go away, simply the name “Confederate Memorial Day” was stricken from record and simply replaced on public record as “state holiday.”  God forbid taking a paid holiday away from lazy government motherfuckers.

Anyway, despite the fact that those offended by the name had to put up with it for decades, after barely just one year of suffering the indignity of not having the name of Confederate Memorial Day on the calendar, there are already people up in arms and bitching and moaning to get it back.  Unfortunately for detractors, among them is an actual state representative who has flexed his ability to measure out House Resolution 644, which basically is a means to get the Confederate Memorial Day name back citing some mumbo jumbo about recognizing history, heritage and other passively aggressive word choice to poorly veil that he’s on the side of the people that don’t care to be a little transparent that they do not like black people.

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