I’d be afraid to know what happens to those who don’t vote for him: Glenn Jacobs, better known as the WWE’s Kane, also known as “The Big Red Monster” or “The Devil’s Favorite Demon” . . . appears to be headed towards a run for mayor, of Knox County in Tennessee.

Man, bless Jesse Ventura.  Because he succeeded at going from pro-wrestling into politics, there will never be a shortage of wrestlers in the future that will believe that politics isn’t something that they can’t get their feet into if they really tried and campaigned well enough.

As for Kane, I’d be hard pressed to believe that he wouldn’t make a good mayor, if voters could inevitably shake the preconceived notions of a candidate being a professional wrestler.  Unbeknownst to those who have a hard time seeing wrestling as a dumb profession, Kane, or rather Glenn Jacobs, is widely regarded amongst his peers as one of the more intelligent and well-respected professionals in the business.  Someone who is smart about his health, nutrition, and an overall team player that has always done whatever that has been asked of him for the betterment of the company before himself.  There’s a reason why he’s been regularly on television for nearly the last two decades, while there’s a laundry list of guys who have come and gone like the McRib.

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