Happiness on conveyor belts

It’s not often that I will point out a single business on my brog that nobody can read, but it’s not often that I come across restaurants that bring me such enjoyment and hope for future visits.

KULA is supposedly Atlanta’s first ever conveyor belt sushi joint, and I had been looking forward to this place as soon as it was announced to be coming to the area.  Since I’d never been to Japan, I can’t say that I’ve ever had conveyor belt sushi before in its native land, but I have had it before a long, long time ago when I was out visiting Seattle.  I really loved it then, so it wasn’t a surprise that I would enjoy it in my own home city.

Needless to say, after my first visit, I’m completely smitten by the place, and I’m already looking forward to my next trip.  It’s a place that is a fun atmosphere, the quality of the sushi is pretty good, and all that shit is served to you on conveyor belts from the convenience of your own table. 

It’s dangerous in the sense that it’s very easy to lose track of just how much you’re eating, but at the end of the meal, my company and I demolished 39 small plates of sushi and rang up a little over $100.  We cleared them pretty furiously at the start, but I think it’s safe to say that everyone was well full by meal’s end, and honestly, at like $25~ a head for a good sushi meal, it’s not out of the ordinary.

Needless to say, this is a place that easily lifted my spirits and made me extremely pleased.  I know that I will definitely be back in the future, and now that I’ve been there and experienced the joy myself and don’t feel the need to keep to keep quiet about the place, I implore everyone in the area try this place out.  I know that this is going to be a definite go-to option for friends and visitors alike from now on.

This kind of makes me sad

Short story shorter: Six Flags Over Georgia says goodbye to the Georgia Cyclone rollercoaster, after 27 years of operation

Ultimately, it’s just a rollercoaster, but as many of my non-existent readers know I’m just reluctant to change.

Anyway, I do have fond memories of the Georgia Cyclone, because it was the first roller coaster I rode in my first-ever trip to Six Flags Over Georgia.  This was long before the Batman ride, even longer before Goliath, before amusement parks all across the country weren’t in this perpetual rat race to see who could churn out the tallest, fastest, scariest and/or most grandiose rides, to attract would-be riders to stand in 60 minute-long lines just for 60 seconds of thrill.

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A bad mental health day

A while ago, the internet was abuzz over a story about a woman who took some sick days off and cited that they were to “focus on my mental health,” which was then personally responded to by the CEO of her company, applauding her for doing such.  Bringing the all-important “awareness” to the issue, and then people all over the internet collectively went “awww” over it, because mental health is a legitimate issue in today’s world.

Personally, I didn’t buy it.  My knee-jerk reaction was that the woman was feeling burned out and didn’t want to go to work, and called in sick, which is a common practice all around the world pretty much.  I’m more impressed that she was so honest in the sense that she didn’t make up some phony excuse, phantom sickness, cite a fake death in the family or use food poisoning as reason to take two days off.

But mental health?  Yeah no, I don’t buy it.  I don’t think the mental word trigger should be so quick to be pulled when people are getting burned out by their jobs, or are just really exhausted and don’t want to face their work for a day or two.  And if they have the sick time, why not use it?

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There’s actually a really easy solve for this

In very important newsworthy news: The Ohio State University attempts to trademark the letters “OSU,” and Oklahoma State University plans on opposing it

Naturally, Ohio State would attempt something like this, because if there’s any school more arrogant and self-important about their branding it’s Ohio State.  Forget about all the other schools that use the acronym, they don’t really actually exist, or are remotely relevant in the world of collegiate sports.

Except that Oregon State University isn’t completely garbage at football, and actually has a pretty decent basketball program for both men and women.  Except that Oklahoma State University isn’t a terrible football program in their own right. 

But none of them are really OSUs.

Regardless of how this stupid pissing match ends up, there really is a really easy solve for this little spat: play for it.

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Writing because I suddenly have nothing else to do

Ever since the move, things have been pretty busy, to say the least.  Between all the unpacking, resolving of the old apartment, clearing out my storage unit, and doing stuff in the new place like painting and organizing, and on top of it all, planning and preparing for mythical gf’s birthday party, I began to make a joke about how I was going to work so I could relax.  While at work, I could sit down, not be doing physical activities (except for going to the gym) and actually be somewhat dormant.  In my downtime, I could actually write a little bit.

But then work got busy, and I didn’t have time to write, and the workload at home didn’t relent, so I couldn’t really find time to write there either.

Fortunately, the party has come and gone, very nicely I might add, and suddenly the rush and the urgency in which things needed to be done, came to a screeching halt.  Whereas I’ve been working my ass off for the last three weeks and change, suddenly I don’t have to have my foot lead-footing the gas anymore, and I’ve hit points where I’m actually hitting walls of progression where I can’t actually accomplish tasks without requisite materials or conditions.

Needless to say, I have time again, and frankly I don’t know what to do with it all of a sudden.  My televisions and computers haven’t really been properly set up yet, both of which are also relying on requisite hardware/conditions in order to do so, so I can’t just do what I’d been doing in the past, and marathon some show to pass the time.  I can’t really do that many more chores or tasks just yet, because some require more time than I have after a day of work, and are better suited for weekends.

So last night, I did something that I haven’t done in what feels like ages; I retired pretty early, crawled into bed, read a book for a little while, and then went to sleep at a sensible time.

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Another day, another Braves fleecing taxpayers story

In short: the Atlanta Braves won another $4.7 million in taxpayer money for their new Spring Training facility in Sarasota, Florida

I love the fact that the term “won” was used, because that’s kind of just it; the Braves didn’t really earn this money, or do anything in particular to have deserved the money, they just kind of gambled their time and effort to get the money and just so happened to win out, when city commissioners put the decision to vote, and it barely nudged 3-2 in favor of giving the leeches free money.

I actually love these kinds of stories about hypothetical numbers, because in just about every single case, the estimates are just that, and always get blown past whenever projects like new sporting venues are like 60% done. Supposedly, the city of North Port has agreed to pay $25 million in total, with the state of Florida being on the hook for another $20 mil, which means that there’s only an estimated $30 million left for the Braves to try and weasel out of paying.  This doesn’t account for the fact that, and I would wager money, that by late fall this year, something will go wrong, and the Braves will require somewhere around another $20 million in order for the project to continue.

In the end, I’d guess this whole project ends up around $115-120, with the Braves paying like $2 million, while the rest comes from direct or indirect taxes and tax credits meant to cater to them.

The saving grace is that with a new Spring Training facility, and with somewhat fresh ballparks for just about every ballpark in the Braves system, it might be a little while before any more crookedly greedy new ballparks need to be built in the team’s visage.

But then again, Turner Field was only given 17 years before it was deemed too old and required a move, so I guess Rome, Jackson and Lawrenceville should probably be keeping their eyes peeled for some fresh new real estate, because their shitty not-old parks are about to become old in about ten years or more, real quick.

Photos: Mythical GF’s Jazzy 20’s Murder Mystery Birthday Party

[2020 note] This was unposted content back from 2017, mythical (then)-gf’s 25th birthday party; but not just any old birthday party, it was a murder mystery party, where everyone was assigned a role, and played a part throughout the evening, as the story of the Grand Gatsby’s speakeasy unfolded.

Looking back through these photos, it was a wonderful party, where everyone participated to the nines, and it was a fantastic way to break in our new home with a big party that was part-housewarming, part-birthday, and part-murder mystery costume party.

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