I like Deshaun Watson

Good people just get it: Texans rookie quarterback, Deshaun Watson donates his first NFL paycheck to NRG Stadium workers affected by the flooding of Hurricane Harvey

Seems fitting to talk about this since we’re on the eve of the biggest college football game of the season for me, when #12 Virginia Tech hosts #2 Clemson, where it just might be a good game, but nobody on the planet can defeat Clemson, so it’ll be the that game where Tech stumbles and falls far in the rankings before dropping out outright by season’s end.

But in spite of my general disdain for Clemson, and how they have owned Virginia Tech for the last five years, I have to confess that I’m a Deshaun Watson fan.

At first, I hated the guy for being so good and just so far beyond everyone else on the field, and thanks to his talent, Clemson’s success never wavered while he was at the helm.  I rooted for any team to beat him; NC State, Boston College, Auburn, Alabama, and even teams that I really don’t care for, like Georgia Tech and even fucking Florida State.  But that’s just how much I wanted to see Clemson knocked down, because if they didn’t take some losses, they were always a threat to the National Championship, and they were about the last team I wanted to see winning one.

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Giving new meaning to being a Marty Jannetty

News to me: Marty Jannetty wants to bang his supposed daughter

As if life weren’t bad enough being Marty Jannetty, the wrestling failure buried six feet under in contrast to his former Rockers partner Shawn Michaels, who became one of the most successful and decorated wrestlers in the history of the industry, now he has to emerge from the shadows of nostalgia with news that he wants to bang his daughter.

Up until this news, “being the Marty Jannetty” was a euphemism of being the weak link in a team, and applied to situations not just related to wrestling, but any scenario where one team member was as unskilled as the other(s) were talented.  But I think with this uncomfortable revelation, being a Marty Jannetty kind of has a new and unpleasant meaning.

In all fairness, an alleged DNA test that Jannetty claims to have happened revealed that he and his so-called daughter are not biologically related, but prior to that discovery, the relationship between them was that of a man trying to establish a relationship with an estranged daughter; except somewhere along the way, romantic feelings emerged between them, and whether or not they’re actually related, there exists some incestuous urges between one or both of them.

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Traffic is never bad for bad teams

Apparently, traffic expectations for SunTrust Park are not as bad as expected when the Braves are playing home games.

This shouldn’t be a surprise when the Braves are about to finish off a dreadful season in which they’ll be at least 10-11 games under .500 and whose third-place ranking in the division is solely on account of being in the worst division in baseball.  They played 37-44 at ScumTrust, which says fans had a better chance of seeing an L every time they stepped foot onto the new ballpark.

Also, Atlanta sports fans are fickle and fair-weathered and only show up to games when the teams are actually winning.  Since the Braves are a bad team this year, it should come as no surprise that traffic is not terrible, because people aren’t really going to that many games, especially once the honeymoon period of new ballpark ended, leaving only a below-average team playing in ballpark built with dirty money.

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This is America, circa 2017

Something that should never happen: a man is ashamed and full of regret because he decided to stand during the National Anthem, because it broke solidarity with the rest of his peers

Try to take a few steps back and look at the scenario as a whole: this is a man, a veteran, who served the country so that people could have the freedom to make individual choices – is full of regret, because he chose to stand for the National Anthem.

As an American, this is an absolutely heartbreaking story, and as I’m sure so many people say on a regular basis these days, just what the fuck is wrong with our country?

I’ll be honest: when Colin Kaepernick first refused to stand for the National Anthem last season, my knee-jerk reaction was disdain and vitriol for a player I didn’t care for as a player.  But through lots of deliberation and pondering opinions from all around me, I’ve kind of come around to a more neutral position that can see both sides of the argument.  Personally, I’ll never not stand for the flag and/or the National Anthem, but I can’t really say I’m going to criticize those who choose to peacefully protest the gesture, as long as they’re doing such because they legitimately believe in it and aren’t just being sheep, in light of current America.  After all, having the freedom to choose to stand or not is basically the quintessential point of American freedom.

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No logo > bad logo

As I’ve observed, people like having logos for things.  Whether or not they actually need one or not, there’s this innate feeling that having a logo makes something official or real for many, which I guess explains why there are so many logos out there in the first place.

Which brings us to Gwinnett County unveiling what’s supposedly going to be their new logo and identity; naturally, it’s hot garbage, and basically a blatant rip-off of well, Google.  It looks like the Chrome logo, and the font is almost identical to Google/Alphabet’s typeface.

Seriously, it’s basically the Chrome logo, if the Chrome logo extended their primary colors further into the center of the circle and had the colors overlap.  But in the case of the Gwinnett logo, the overlapping doesn’t even make sense; red and blue make purple, not yellow, and green and red or blue makes some pukey colors, instead of light blue or light green.  This is some light urple kind of color theory we got going on here.

And then we get to the county’s new slogan, “vibrantly connected” in all lower case no less.  Because lower case is casual and not shouting, and the handwritten typeface tries to double down on that kind of feel.  I’m not sure what it means to be connected vibrantly, because I think a connection is a connection; whether it’s done with energy or not, once a connection is made, it doesn’t seem like something that can be measured quantitatively.

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What a surprise

Who could have seen that coming?  Final vote gives the official green light to the Atlanta Braves to break ground and begin construction on their future Spring Training facility in Sarasota, Florida; with an estimated cost 33% higher than originally expected

I can’t cross-reference on the fly like I used to because another shocker of the century, my site is still down, but I’m pretty sure that when the Braves originally claimed an estimated price tag of $75M for their new Spring Training digs, I immediately stated that the actual price tag should be somewhere in the neighborhood of like $120M, because that’s just how sporting venues work; they estimate low to make it not sound completely terrible, miss the mark entirely, but proceed anyway, and leave the egregious amounts of difference up to taxpayers to make up.

“The project now carries a price tag of $100.56 million, according to financing documents provided to North Port commissioners, up from the previous estimate of $75 million to $80 million.”

Yeah, that’s not a surprise at all.  I’ll be more surprised if these numbers don’t manage to crawl and creep up closer to the $120M that I had estimated, because lord knows if the Braves are good at one thing at all, it’s usurping funds out of unsuspecting taxpayers and wasting it on shit that benefits only them and gives nothing back to those it’s coming from.

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Air Jordans for toddlers

The other day, I was at the store, and I found myself waiting in line that was moving at a snail’s pace.  After I had spent several minutes looking over the inane crap available in line that stores hope consumers will impulsively buy, I noticed the woman in front of me carrying her child.  The child couldn’t have been more than like 2-3 years old, and it was still in diapers.  And in spite of the fact that the child was at an age in which it still was not in full control over their own bowels, on its little tiny toddler feet were, Air Jordans.

Yes, the crown jewel of athletic shoes, or shit, just shoes in general these days, considering everyone and their mother seems to wear Jordans in just about any condition.  But anyway, this toddler in diapers and with a good possibility that it couldn’t walk, was wearing little toddler-sized Air Jordans, indicative by the distinctive style and the trademark Jumpman logo on it.  Naturally, my knee-jerk reaction is simply, WHY?

I think the bigger surprise in this is when I decided to look up the toddler Jordans, it turns out that they’re not $150+ like grown-up Jordans tend to be, leading to people waiting in egregious, overnight lines in order to get them, and occasionally leading to gun violence for when those who are poor but armed decide to utilize crime in order attain their own.

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