In remembrance of his lord and tormentor Moloch, circa 2018

In a fit of blasphemy, I almost forgot that it was Moloch Day.  Unlike the vast majority of people I know, I no longer have the luxury of having MLK Day off like I did in previous jobs, and had to drag myself into the land of workspaces and get cracking on some work today.

However, a moment of forgetfulness is harmless as long as I still take the time to acknowledge and pour a little bit out in honor of the ancient demon god, Moloch, for whom the third Monday in January is always dedicated to.  And if this is your first time learning of this, worry not, as my site is still down and frankly, zero readers exist, so it’s no surprise that this isn’t getting read.

But my summary from the year prior should be sufficient at getting my point across:

“But anyway, much the same as the ancient Aramaic alphabet came before the Common Tongue, MLK came long, long, long before MLK; which obviously, if you’ve been reading my brog for a while now, obviously is in reference to ancient demon god Moloch, came long before Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

In short, MLK Day is Moloch Day, because Moloch came way before Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Sure, King was more or less the antithesis of Moloch, on multiple levels, but the law of the world still goes to “who was first.”  And there’s no denying, Moloch has a few hundred centuries over King, and that’s more than adequate reason enough for MLK Day to belong to his holy god of bad shit.

Happy Moloch Day!

Jags-Vikings Super Bowl, let’s do it!

Not going to lie, I don’t even pay attention to the NFL anymore.  Not because I have some sort of moral stance against all the guys kneeling or anything, and especially not because I don’t like football, quite the contrary, I just happen to like college ranks more than the NFL.  I really don’t have much of a reason for it, except maybe that I’d rather spend my Sundays doing other things than watching NFL games these days, like catching up on the hundreds of television shows or movies I have ear-marked as wanting to watch, or playing video games, or going out and doing things.

Whatever though, in spite of how ambivalent I may have become towards the NFL, there are days like this one where the NFL captures the imagination of everyone who didn’t see it live but watched the replays of the pivotal moment on a litany of outlets and are proclaiming it the greatest play in the history of the game like fucking idiots.  But the Minnesota Vikings pulled off a last-second touchdown play that allowed them to come from behind and beat the New Orleans Saints and advance to the NFC championship, one step away from the Super Bowl.

I understand why people are acting like it was a miracle, because frankly, professional sports are excruciatingly difficult, and to convert a play like that with five seconds left really does take a tremendous amount of luck.  But the reality is that the corner whiffed on the Vikings wideout* worse than the Huffington Post predicting the 2016 election, resulting in a really easy catch and run to the end zone to cause bedlam in Minneapolis.

*not even going to pretend like I know these guys’ names, much less exert the effort to find out

It wasn’t like a miracle, one-handed fingertip catch over three defenders in the end zone, it wasn’t even a hail mary distance.  It really was as simple as a defender blowing his coverage, and the wide receiver getting an easy catch out of it, and scoring on the play.  The fact that it happened with five seconds to go in the fourth quarter with the Vikings behind a score was incidental.

But it was still cool, because shit like this doesn’t happen on a regular basis, much less during the playoffs.  Usually incompetence doesn’t make the playoffs, but as freaks of physical nature football players are these days, they’re often times dumb as bricks inside the noggin.

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