I love how big of pussies white supremacists are

Fun fact: scenes from Zombieland were filmed in downtown Newnan where the Nazi rally is planned

The Nazis are coming, the Nazis are coming!  On April 21, 2018, the National Socialist Movement is holding a rally in Newnan, Georgia.

Oh goody.

Ironically, I’m long past being shocked and appalled by news like this.  It was more of a surprise that it’s kind of taken this long for a white supremacist rally to happen in Georgia that’s become somewhat nationally known.  Despite the fact that Atlanta is pretty blue and predominantly black populated, there’s no denying that the further one gets outside of the perimeter, the redder and more white redneck the rest of the state becomes.

The biggest takeaway I get from the news of white supremacists converging on Georgia right around my birthday is the location in which they chose to conglomerate at, Newnan.  It’s almost laughable just how cowardly and spineless this gathering is, taking place in Newnan, instead of anywhere remotely closer to Atlanta, where the chances of liberal and/or minority intervention go up exponentially. 

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