New Father Brogging, #013

Sometimes, I feel like that guy from Lost, Desmond I think his name was.  The guy who lived in a bunker or some remote cabin, and had to keep entering the numbers into a computer every 100 minutes or so, or else some indeterminate bad thing was going to happen.  If I recall correctly, as I never really watched the show past the first season, and had to kind of catch up on it through reading synopses of it on Wikipedia, it was his negligence at entering the numbers at one point is what led to the plane crash that put all the show’s survivors onto the island in the first place.

But instead of risking a gigantic electromagnetic pulse being released, I’m at the perpetual mercy of my daughter’s feeding schedule, which has shown to be a feed every single 90-120 minutes, depending on if she can actually manage to nap in between in the first place.

Unsurprising, with my life more or less in repeated 90-120 minute chunks of time, one can imagine that it’s difficult to accomplish much in between.  Especially considering that anywhere from 20-30 minutes of that chunk of downtime is occupied by the time it takes for her to actually drink all her milk, resulting in really, an hour plus of time in which I don’t have to be feeding her.  Not to mention the fact that, as she is but a small baby, she commands an extraordinary amount of attention, lest she cry or become fussy.

Needless to say, there are some days in which become very mentally and physically challenging, when I know it’s a delicate and difficult balancing act between doing my actual job’s work, and being the attentive and hands-on dad that I wanted to be.  It’s these days where I struggle to not grow too frustrated, and feeling like I have no real time for myself, because this is what I signed up to do as a parent, and something that I need to remember that it’s never just about me anymore, especially now, but I can’t help it sometimes, and still have days where I’m just grumpy and short.

Unlike Desmond from Lost, the chances of earth-shattering catastrophe isn’t likely if/when I let too much time lapse between feeds/naps, but given the wailing that my daughter is capable of when she’s over-tired or over-hungry, and it might as well be capable of making parents feel like their heads are going to explode.

Regardless, I know this is something that will eventually pass in time, but the whole point of writing out things like this, is so that I can always remember the things I think during the whole timeline of raising a child for the very first time, and perhaps one day, some random person will get into my writing, and read this, and if they’re going through the exact same thing, know that they aren’t alone, and that the things they’re experiencing are very likely not exclusive to them.

Cancellation of Minor League Baseball kills my soul

Primarily thanks to coronavirus, Minor League Baseball has officially cancelled the 2020 baseball season.  I say primarily, because the insinuation is that it was not the one and only factor in this decision; because prior to the world going into the shitter on account of a pandemic, MiLB was already at risk, because Major League Baseball is full of greedy cocksuckers, and they were trying to kill off associations with a large chunk of existing Minor League organizations.  Coronavirus just gives MLB a convenient scapegoat to push the whole thing under the rug for the time being, and possibly come back later to put the nails in the coffin at a later, easier time.

But commentary aside, the reality is that in 2020, there will be no Minor League Baseball, and that fact alone hurts my soul in a variety of ways.

Obviously, my love for the minor leagues throughout the years has easily made me prefer them over the MLB product, despite being but cogs in the grander machine, but there’s no denying the appeal of the more laid-back, relaxed culture of MiLB, where everything is not taken so seriously, and there’s vastly more accessibility and intimate closeness with the players and the teams, than their MLB parents.

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Life always finds a way

Groggily, I went outside with my dog, so that I could try to see if he would poop.  Being 14-15 years old, his pooping schedule changes on a dime, and it’s among the most frustrating things in the world when he goes stretches of 36+ hours between poops, and I have no idea when to expect him needing to go again.  It was 7 a.m.-something, which meant all the grass would be wet and dewy and I don’t like to get my feet wet, but I had just cut it the day prior, so perhaps it wouldn’t be so terrible.

As we walked through the field next to my driveway, I spotted something out of the ordinary not far from us: a turtle.  It looked like a box turtle, which meant that it was mostly harmless, unlike their prehistoric cousins, the snapping turtle.  But it doesn’t matter if you’re eight or 38, if there’s a turtle out in the wild, it’s worth checking out, so I went over to it just so I could snap a picture of it and show mythical wife later on when she woke up.

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I wouldn’t shed a tear if he got coronavirus

In an obvious case of no shit you fucking idiot, Georgia’s imbecile governor by way of flagrant voter suppression, Yosemite Sam, extended the state’s public health emergency for several more months, as coronavirus numbers throughout Georgia continue to rise.

I’m not saying that I’m happy that the state’s coronavirus numbers are going up, but considering our dumbass governor’s maverick behavior of re-opening the state before everyone else, I kind of hoped this would happen, to validate his obvious stupidity, and shove his arrogant redneck bravado down his straw-chewing phony smiling throat.  I’m actually a little disappointed that other states spiked before Georgia did, but as long as Brian Kemp was proven wrong, and is forced to backpedal and basically put the state back down on some degree of stay-at-home measures, then I guess I can be satisfied.

What’s fascinating but not surprising to me, is how Bubba is now all about wearing masks.  Prior to recent events, he was all about emulating his lord-king, the baked potato in charge, and doing whatever it took to stay in his good graces.  But somewhere along the line, getting questioned by his lord-king when he re-opened the state like an idiot, and perhaps the hypothetical notion that it might be in Bubba’s best interests to distance himself away from the baked potato finally, and begin to actually posture himself in his own fucking image, he’s now all aboard the everyone should wear masks train, like a human being with an actual brain.

Regardless, Georgia is back aboard the train of being closed without it officially being closed.  Yosemite Sam would never admit to the fact that he fucked up, but in a pitiful attempt to save face and seem like he actually gives a shit about his constituents, he’s going to go around and put masks over like Mick Foley puts everyone on the planet over if they just give him some screen time.

Let’s not forget though, that Georgia probably should never have come out of lockdown in the first place if not for our idiot racist bigot governor, but what’s done is done.  Ultimately, I just wanted to put down a bunch of words to express my general disgust and disdain for Bubba Kemp, and if he were to ironically become afflicted by coronavirus on account of his own stupidity, well I can’t say that I’d be the least bit saddened by his demise.

Revisionist history culture is concerning

Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it

-Winston Churchill

[2020 note: I basically made this exact same post three years ago, starting in a similar manner]

Not long ago, I saw that Community was available on Netflix, which was pleasing to me.  Community was one of those shows in which I’d only seen sporadic episodes in no particular order, depending on whichever group of friends I’d hang out with and happen to catch an episode or two at their point of watching through the series.  However, crushing on Alison Brie withstanding, I liked the show, and I always thought it would be a good idea to binge the series in order if the opportunity ever presented itself.

One episode in particular that made me think “whoa, this show is really clever” was the episode that most widely seems to be known as “the D&D episode.”  Not giving anything away, but the Community gang plays a game of Dungeons & Dragons for a particular motive.  However, if there’s one scene in the episode that really sticks with most viewers, it’s of Ken Jeong’s character, Chang, completely painted black and wearing a white wig, because he wants in on the game, and assumes LARPing as a dark elf would get the job done (spoiler: it doesn’t).

But it’s a little bit of a jaw-dropping scene because in all technicality, it’s still Ken Jeong in complete black face (and hands and presumably all other flesh).  But the thing is, he’s not trying to imitate or ridicule black people, he’s just trying to get in character as a dark elf.

Well, I just learned that that episode of Community won’t be available on Netflix anymore.  In fact, any episode of any show, and presumably any movie, that features any non-black character painting their skin tone as to appear darker, has been scrubbed from Netflix’s library, in light of the rampant racism problem, running roughshod in America currently.

Blackface, has suddenly shot up the charts as a hot button, and all throughout the world of media, there’s a whole lot of retroactive scrubbing being done, to eradicate all proof of any show, person, entity or whatever, partaking in blackface at any point in history.

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This would be a sad way to go for NXT UK

Long story short: there is speculation that the WWE’s NXT UK brand could get shut down amidst the hashtag-Speaking Out movement

To those of my 0 readers who don’t pay attention to wrestling, to summarize, there’s been an online movement in the industry known as #SpeakingOut in which people (men and women but mostly obviously women) went on social media to identify and post documentation of those in the professional wrestling industry of bad behavior, of the less than fortunate nature.

There hasn’t been a company large or small that hasn’t been named in some sort of capacity, be it a promoter, producer or a talent, and so far the names that have been thrown out have been pretty eye-opening, and the fallout of lots of it is beginning to get big.  The trying-to-rebirth NWA has put themselves on hiatus amidst the allegations, and their VP has outright resigned.  Philadelphia’s Chikara Pro wrestling has outright shut down.  Jim Cornette, the guy who can’t not get involved with anything in wrestling, had a disgusting sexual adventure/fetish unearthed.  Notable names from Ring of Honor, Impact and even AEW have been unearthed as people who have done things as far as being too clingy, not taking no for an answer, to some, little extreme remarks to express physical desire.

But with obviously anything pertaining to the wrestling industry, all eyes eventually seek out what’s going on in the world of the WWE, and believe you me, things have not been easy for the ol’ McMahon family business either, amidst all this.

Numerous names of talent have been named, and you can practically see the WWE machine scrambling to figure out the guys who are above a certain tier to whether they’re safe from losing their job, versus the guys that need to be immediately let go in order to look like they’re doing something about it.

One very alarming and unfortunate pattern that has emerged however, is the volume of reports coming out of the UK, primarily involving guys that are on the NXT UK roster.  As the link above details, guys like Ligero and Travis Banks have been immediately released, with the latter being somewhat of a surprise considering I figured he had a future with at least 205 Live reinforcement.  But guys like Trent Seven, Joe Coffey and Jordan Devlin are also names of accused parties, and regardless of what happens from their individual cases, it’s a frightening notion that already so many names in the British wrestling scene have popped up in such a short amount of time.

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Father Time catches all eventually

Whereas Ken Masters is still hanging around the World Warrior tournament, wearing an UnderArmour compression shirt to hide the fact that he’s getting old and his physique is starting to sag, Chun Li has accepted the idea that after nearly 25 years, perhaps it was a good time to throw in the towel on fighting in the street and pursuing M. Bison and Shadowloo, and settling down with a real job.

Perhaps it was her side gig over the last quarter century, or maybe her accolades as a world-renown martial artist got her elevated so quickly, but instead of Kikokens and Lightning legs, Chun Li will instead be a VP for Lazada, a subsidiary company of some sort for Alibaba Group, the giant Amazon-like conglomerate based out of China.

Also, it turns out that Chun Li was a dude all along.  Cue the jokes about those gigantic thighs.