Well, this is a shitty feeling.

I couldn’t sleep well last night, for obvious reasons.  Every time I closed my eyes, the scene replayed itself in my head, from the time I heard the loud kick of the front door, to when I saw the two perpetrators making a run for it.  It jumbled around in my head repeatedly, and alternate scenarios presented itself, making my mind race when all I really wanted was to put the day behind me.  What if they didn’t run?  What if they were armed?  What if I were armed?  Fairly certain if were the latter scenario, there would be at least one dead black guy, considering the speed in which they “got away” was with the urgency of a DMV employee.  Regardless of what was going on in my head, I couldn’t help but feel my heart racing a little bit throughout the A.M. hours.

Sure, it is fortunate that nothing was stolen, nobody’s hurt, and the fucks were caught, but what really sucks right now are the feeling of solitude I’m feeling right now.  More so, than ever.

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