Censorship is fun!

Today, while bored at work, I stumbled upon an article linked from Fark about slammed cars.  While reading through the article, I couldn’t help but notice that much of the imagery, were all JPEGs that I’d seen before. Subsequently, much of the content seemed to be precariously similar, obviously re-written, but not a far stretch from the original sources.

Since the “author” of said article decided to publish her “piece” on a public forum, I decided to publicly insinuate that there was a little bit of plagiarism going on.

A good bit of the content here was funnier eleven years ago when it was originally posted on riceboypage.com

Both times I submitted the comment, it was deleted, almost immediately.  If that doesn’t acknowledge a hint of guilt, I don’t know what does.  Ain’t censorship a wonderful thing?  Fuck [website redacted].*  Their shit isn’t really that funny, and they produce more incessant, unfunny lists to inspire reminiscing than the E! network.

*they’re not worth giving any plug to.

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