I’m amused by the symbolism somewhere in this

Long story short – bald eagle drops dead deer carcass on power lines, knocks out power to entire Montana neighborhood.

Despite being an American icon, that was a dick move by this bald eagle. This situation is akin to a child or a senior citizen committing a crime; the eagle cannot be reprimanded for its detrimental actions, because it’s an endangered species, as well as a symbol of America.

If I were a bald eagle, I’d do this shit all the time. Nothing screams “owned” like being able to pull off shit like dropping dead animals onto power lines, convertibles, bedroom balconies, or the middle of children’s playgrounds, being completely guilty of such actions, but with nobody capable of being able to do jack shit about it. Talk about being able to put American society in handcuffs in that regard. Wake up in the morning, it’s a beautiful day, you decide to pop the top off the Toyota Solara, and you’re driving into work, and then plop, a fucking dead fawn, or prairie dog dropped right into the passenger seat, where it bounces, jostles against the radio and turns it onto a radio station conveniently playing John Mellencamp’s “This is Our Country,” while the bald eagle above lets out a triumphant wail.

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