Photos: Miami trip, Day 1

This is a real-life alligator, in its natural habitat, in the Florida Everglades.  When I took this picture, it was literally three feet away from me, and if you can’t tell, it is staring right at me, since I was sitting at the edge of the airboat that I was riding, on tour of the Everglades.  In the wild, alligators are not afraid of humans, and act accordingly to intruders on silly airboats, daring anything to come into the water and not immediately be brought down on the food chain.

It was quite fascinating overall, and a fun experience seeing gators in the wild, but that was only one of the things that I did in my first day in Miami.  Naturally as is the norm with all my summer travels, there was baseball involved, and then an evening spent at an improv comedy show, topped off my Colombian hot dogs.

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