Photos: Kayaking in South Beach Miami

This was easily the best activity I did while down in Miami, and if there’s anything at all that salvaged my opinion of the city entirely, this would be it.  I got to rent a kayak for two hours, and paddle around the south end of Biscayne Bay, and although I didn’t visit Monument Island like most other kayakers do (I wasn’t made aware of it), I still had an absolute blast paddling around the bay, going underneath bridges, causeways and shit, and simply enjoying the Miami sun, breeze, and views of the city.

I also learned that Miami really is a lot of what they show on television and movie montages, meaning at all times of the daylight, are there speedboats, yachts, and jet skis flying around, all being ridden by hot sexy co-eds with six pack abs, fake tits, tight asses, and skimpy bikinis.  Not that I’m complaining in the least bit, I just thought it was funny that it really was reality, and not just glamorized truths by the media.

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