Photos: Arizona Fall League Roadtrip

Alrighty, I’ve got so much fucking writing to do throughout the rest of this month, it’s not even funny.  Well, actually it kind of is, because it’s almost entirely, self-appointed!  LOLME.

Anyway, despite the fact that I’m behind pace in my Nanowrimo story, I’m still confident that I can hit the 50,000 word mark.  Even if I am taking time out of it to brog in my personal brog that I love so very dearly.  It didn’t help any causes that I spent five days out in Arizona over the last week to watch baseball and probably gain about 20 lbs.

In short: Phoenix is a boring as fuck city.  Aside from the baseball games that Huzzard and I went to, there really wasn’t shit else to do out there.  Baseball games, and eating was pretty much the extent of the trip as a whole.  But there was so much good dining, and I loved the Arizona Fall League so much, I’d do it again in a heartbeat next year.  But plan better to have things to do in between baseball games, because there wasn’t shit else to do out there.

Pictures galore in the galleries.  Naturally, most people won’t give a flying fuck about them, because they’re 95% baseball-related, which means naturally there will soon be updates to Real Men Don’t Wear Small, but probably in December when Nanowrimo is over, one way or another.  Regardless, it’s still a gigantic LEAURNING curve with my new Canon, and there are lots of pictures messing with various settings.  Vibrant mode is a little too vibrant when dealing with actual HEUMAN BEEINGS, but leads to some fantastic sky and scenic shots.

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