50,712 words later

Another year attempted, another year succeeded.  In spite of hiatuses such as NekoCon and a lengthy trip out to Arizona, I still managed to get my 50,000 words done, for another year.

The Baseball Gods Must Be Crazy, a story about Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington, the agony of defeat, torment from the intangible Pressure, and the pursuit of Salvation; from a highly unexpected and ambitious source.  I’m not going to lie, much of this is putrid, so I won’t be bothering to share it with the rest of the world.  But I’m still pleased, nonetheless, at my ability to actually put forth the effort and get 50,000 words out in the allotted time span, despite my hurky-jerky schedule these days.

So with this literary challenge successfully traversed for another year, I’m free to pursue other things again, like writing on my brog, updating my baseball park site and reading books and works of far talented, successful and legitimate authors, instead of hacking away at my own swill.  Also, I’ll be delving into Dead Island.  That is, when I can wrest Xbox time away from Jen, who’s playing Skyrim.

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