Yeah, no.  High-waist shorts are ugly

Obviously I’m not some authority on women’s fashion, but I know what I like to see as a guy.  That being said, what I don’t like seeing these days is the unfortunate trend that high-wasted shorts are supposedly in fashion for women these days.  I don’t get it at all; it’s ugly as fuck.  Only a small percentage of girls seem to be able to actually pull it off and not look silly, but there’s a fairly slim percentage that also coincidentally have the right shape and figure in order to make that happen.

It’s like a cross between mom’s closet and/or trying to look like the kind of hippies that aren’t desirable.  In terms of functionality, I’d guess high-waist stuff is vastly superior at covering up stomachs some chicks don’t want to show, or prevent the peeking of panties and all, but frankly, I find the overall look to abhorring.  It accentuates girls with short legs by making their torsos look longer, and much like the weird poofy-squash skirts that used to be trendy, it creates this odd shape of Urkel-high waist with a short segue into the boobs.  And then there’s the irony of when girls try to wear high-waist shorts sexy, by wearing them tight, or they’re Daisy Duke-short; sure it might hug the ass and ride up in a sexy way, but because they go up so high, it makes the booty look giant and/or elongated.  Hence, unsexy.

I don’t really know.  Girls obviously dress for other girls before guys, so very little will mens’ critiques actually have any impact on this trend, but for the record, it’s fucking horrible.  And in today’s world, where there are all sorts of fat chicks who are all proud “to be curvy” or “BBWs,” and feel it’s their right to dress like a thinner girl would, they just ruin it for everyone else.  When fat chicks wear high-waist stuff, it’s no longer muffin topping, it’s more like mushroom topping, because the blubber is oozing out much higher up.

At this rate, I’m looking forward to summer ending, the season’s changing, and for girls to put more clothing on, because frankly, the summer of high-waist shorts has pretty much ruined it, and there comes times when you simply just, have to punt and go back to the drawing board.

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